Riddle Paliwal and Akash Saxena, the founders of the Kartavya Society animal sanctuary in India, were driving home from work in the month of November of the previous year when something on the road grabbed their attention and quickly shattered their hearts.

A stray dog was found there, seeming to be d.e.a.d as it lay still in the middle of the busy road. The decision to halt was made by Paliwal and Saxena.

According to what Paliwal shared with The Dodo, “we felt at least we should pick him up and give him a respectful burial.”

But then something that was almost unimaginable took place.

After driving off the road, Saxena then entered the hazardous highway as cars passed over the d.e.a.d corpse of the dog. After that, he got down on his knees to pick him up.

After then, Saxena saw that the dog was blinking his eyes.

“He is alive!” Akash yelled out at the scene. Paliwal stated.

The dog was found with a cut on his head, which was most likely inflicted by a vehicle that had driven by while he was asleep. The most important thing, though, is that he made it through the event unharmed despite the several near-misses he had with getting struck again.

According to what Paliwal claimed, “We grabbed him up and hurried him to the emergency vet.” We only tried to preserve his life, and the fact that he was able to do so is nothing short of a miracle.

And it is how he came to be known as Miracle.

He demonstrated that he is a capable combatant.

After suffering severe head trauma, “even veterinarians were not positive that he would be able to survive it,” said Paliwal. “He was in critical condition.” “But he did.”

Miracle’s body made steady but steady progress toward a full recovery. And as time went on, his outgoing nature started to come through more and more.

Paliwal referred to the child in question as “the nicest kid you would ever meet.” “His face always has this grin on it, which instantly puts you at ease and brings you an overwhelming sense of happiness.”

Whenever possible, Paliwal and Saxena look for new families for the strays they pick up and bring in.

But in regards to Miracle, they didn’t have to search very far at all.

According to Paliwal stated, “We have chosen to keep Miracle with us.” “We have a lot of affection for him, and it’s impossible for us to picture our home without him. Therefore, he will always belong to us.

The journey is over for Miracle.

The former stray dog, who was formerly believed to have passed away, has been given a second opportunity at a happy life. And all of this was made possible because Paliwal and Saxena took the time to stop what they were doing and treat him with the respect he is due.

In the end, this is the reason why they decided to start the Kartavya Society: to assist animals who would be neglected in other circumstances.

Paliwal has said that “We think that one should never neglect a life that is in need.” “The thing that makes us the happiest is being able to look at Miracle and see that she is alive, happy, and interacting with our other dogs.” It motivates us to assist other dogs that are in need so that we may rescue more dogs who we refer to as “miracles.”

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