Jennifer Lopez claims that the reason she and Ben Affleck eloped in Las Vegas in July, prior to their lavish wedding in Savannah the following month, was that she suffered from “a little PTSD” as a consequence of the fact that they had to cancel their ideal wedding 20 years earlier.

On Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actress from Shotgun Wedding, who is 53 years old, discussed her transformation into Jennifer Affleck. She said that “stress” was the reason for their choice to run away at the eleventh hour, and she disclosed that Affleck arranged the Sin City event in only a few hours.

Lopez started by saying, “We were preparing to be married in August in Savannah — the family [was] going to be there, everyone [was] going to be there,” and then she continued by saying, “and it was very stressful.”

The musician who is most known for the song “Let’s Be Loud” provided the following explanation: “Twenty years ago, we were meant to get married… and it sort of all broke apart back then.” This time, we still had a little PTSD; I definitely did. We kept asking ourselves, “Is this really happening?”

While they were doing that “she acknowledged, “I just felt like the wedding was so stressful,” despite the fact that she was “so joyful” and “of course, it was happening.” One day, “Lopez was feeling downcast following a meeting to arrange their wedding in which an anonymous individual suggested that they should be married outside of Georgia rather than at their house in Georgia, so Affleck tried to cheer her up.

“Ben simply yelled, ‘F*** it. Let’s just get married tonight in Vegas and get it over with,’ “She was able to recollect what he had said.

Lopez was scheduled to perform that day, so she didn’t believe it would be possible. He instructed her to go about her day as usual, reassuring her that he would take care of everything.

She recalls him stating something along the lines of, “When you come back here, I’ll going to have everything put up,” in reference to their ceremony at A Little White Wedding Chapel. “‘Let’s go. Tonight is the night when we will do it.’ And we did. It was great. It was the most enjoyable evening of my whole life.”

Lopez clarified that Affleck’s three children from his marriage to Jennifer Garner were away at camp, but that her two children from her marriage to Marc Anthony were there and serving as “our witnesses.” She said how other couples, who were surprised to discover that celebrities were also getting married, were in amazement when they saw her and her fiance in the county clerk’s office just before midnight to acquire their wedding license.

She also disclosed that they did not go through with the idea to have an Elvis impersonator perform their wedding ceremony, stating that they wanted “just whoever is present who can legally marry us.” That is the person we are going to hire.

Lopez said that she would be included a song titled “Midnight Trip to Vegas” about their nuptials on her new album, which is titled “This Is Me.” Now, the photograph of them in the pink Cadillac that they posed with is included. She said that the whole album, which serves as a bookend to her album This Is Me… Then and was inspired by the “miracle” of them getting back together, is something that neither one of them ever dreamed would happen. This Is Me… Then was released in 2002. (In November, Jennifer Lopez spoke out about the dissolution of her relationship with Marc Anthony in 2003, claiming that she “honestly felt like I was going to pass” as a result of how devastated she was by the event. “It sent me into a tailspin for the subsequent 18 years, during which time I simply couldn’t get it right… But now, twenty years later, everything has finally come to a joyful conclusion.”)

Lopez also mentioned inviting “the entire family” to their larger wedding ceremony in Savannah that took place one month after the couple had eloped. (She didn’t make a point of mentioning the fact, but Ben Affleck’s brother Casey Affleck was not there.) There, in Ben’s house, was where the couple had planned to be married back in 2003, but they ultimately decided against going through with the ceremony.

She also said that she got a new engagement ring, which was an emerald since she no longer had the notorious $2.5 million pink diamond that Ben Affleck gave her when he initially proposed to her in 2002. She did this while chatting with Jimmy Kimmel. She also said that she has come to terms with the fact that their pair is known as “Bennifer,” despite the fact that when they first started dating, people made fun of them for having that moniker.

On Wednesday night, the first episode of Shotgun Wedding, in which Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel’s characters try to say “I do,” was shown to the public for the first time. Affleck was Lopez’s plus-one at the Hollywood event, and he later planted a kiss on her cheek at the afterparty for the movie, which will make its debut on Amazon Prime Video on January 27. While Lopez walked the red carpet at the Hollywood event by herself — making heads turn in a see-through dress with gold crystals — Affleck attended as her plus-one.

In a recent interview, Jennifer Lopez discussed the “emotional charge” that she and Marc Anthony experienced as a result of the marriage, and she expanded on this topic when speaking on the red carpet.

She shared with Extra that everything is “doing very, really well.”

“We are blessed with five lovely, lovely children who are a gift… Today, as we drove one of them to school, my wife and I was talking about how happy and thankful we are for how our lives have turned out. We were thinking about how our lives have changed since we had the opportunity to raise our children.”

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