James Todd Smith, better known by his stage name LL Cool J and his role on “NCIS,” is celebrating his 55th birthday today. LL Cool J is a rapper as well as an actor. The celebratory event is taking place with the rapper’s family, and it is probable that he is spending the day with his devoted wife, Simone Smith, on his arm.

During the time that they have spent together, LL Cool J and Simone have experienced quite the roller coaster of a love story. They have weathered the storms of life together, and as a result, they are able to brag that they have one of the most stable relationships in Hollywood.

When LL Cool J was only 19 years old, he and Simone were introduced to one another by a mutual acquaintance. The actor recalled that his buddy had extended an invitation for him to see his cousin and that LL Cool J had hesitated before accepting the invitation. When he saw her for the first time, an immediate shift occurred in his mindset, and not long after that, the two of them began dating.

He was ready to sacrifice practically everything for the sake of his cherished Simone.

Before LL Cool J decided to make their relationship official in 1995, they had been together as a couple for eight years. After the wedding festivities were over, Simone and her husband began settling into their new life together, and they have continued to enjoy a happy marriage for the last 28 years. According to Simone, the fact that they are willing to compromise and share a spirituality keeps them together.

Simone and LL Cool J have been together for a very long period, and throughout that time they have had many good years as well as some challenging moments. LL Cool J stepped up to the plate and became his wife’s primary caregiver when she was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer known as chondrosarcoma in the year 2004. He encouraged her guests not to weep, citing the need of maintaining a cheerful attitude as the reason why.

LL Cool J takes great satisfaction in the fact that he is an outstanding parent who devotes a lot of time and effort to his children.

He was ready to sacrifice practically everything for the sake of his cherished Simone. When the doctors informed them that they would need to replace Simone’s tibia bone with her left fibula, LL Cool J volunteered to give her his fibula instead. This was after the doctors had told them that they would need to replace Simone’s tibia bone. In the years that followed Simone’s surgery, getting well required a lot of work and patience. Despite this, her spouse remained faithful to her. The following are his comments:

“You wouldn’t just leave someone in there like that, would you? You cannot avoid going into that foxhole with the other people.”

Simone made a remarkable recovery after she laboriously retaught herself how to walk again over the course of many years. Since then, she has also maintained complete and total immunity against cancer. Throughout the whole struggle, she referred to her husband as her “rock,” particularly due to the fact that he put his potential career in music on wait for her.

Simone and LL Cool J are the parents of four children: Najee Smith, who is 33 years old, Italia Smith, who is 31 years old, Samaria Smith, who is 27 years old, and Nina Simone Smith, who is 22 years old. LL Cool J takes great satisfaction in the fact that he is an outstanding parent who devotes a lot of time and effort to his children. In addition to this, he expressed the view that he thinks parents should always be prepared to make sacrifices for the sake of their children.

He said that as a parent, he should be prepared to suffer much for the benefit of his children and that in order for his children to have better lives, he had to give up some liberties that he formerly enjoyed. He justified it by claiming that his kid loves dogs, but he can’t be around them since he has an allergy. Despite this, he gave in to her allergies and bought her a puppy so that she could finally be happy.

Having said that, the father of four also said that he does not want to bring up spoiled children. Even while he wants them to be happy, he also wants them to grow up to be self-sufficient individuals who make positive contributions to society. He instilled in his children a sense of competition and pushed them to accomplish to the best of their ability, yet he was always there for support whenever they needed it:

“You should know that I will not let anybody else to set the standard for them. I place my hands on them and tell them, “Look, you be anyone you want to be.” I then release my grip. You don’t have to be someone who is comparable to LL Cool J in order to be successful, and you shouldn’t let the world compel you to think or make you feel that this is what you have to be in order to be successful. You are free to be anyone you want to be. Simply strive to achieve achievement.”

LL Cool J is a doting and dedicated husband, as well as an active and engaged father who makes an effort to set a good example for his children and provide assistance for them whenever he can. He said that he wants for his children to have confidence in themselves and aspirations that they work hard to achieve.

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