She was paralyzed with fear, to the point that she gave up on everything. Valinda Cortez was wearing her pajamas and flip-flops when she went to the corner shop. While she was there, she saw a dog sitting in the parking lot.

The dog was unwilling to move despite the fact that it was pouring, so it simply sat there. The poor creature was obviously abandoned, and she was also afraid for her own survival at this point.

The poor dog was shivering in the cold. As a result, Valinda, who is a supporter of animal rights as well as an animal lover, exited her vehicle and proceeded to wrap a blanket over the dog. At first, the dog showed no sign of even flinching when it was startled.

She did not move even when the other lady offered her assistance.

Therefore, Valinda remained with the dog in the parking lot for a period of time in an effort to win the dog’s confidence. In addition to having damp hair that was matted together, the canine also had a wound on her leg. The woman’s heart shattered as a result of that.

After that, Valinda phoned her friend Sue Massi, a lady who works with her to help local strays, and asked her to come to have a look at the situation. They were introduced to an officer from animal control shortly after her arrival at the site. They worked together and were successful in convincing the dog to get into the van so it could be sent to the animal shelter.

Cassie’s face had already begun to light up again after only a few short days as a direct result of the love and attention that she had received. After a thorough cleaning, she takes on an entirely new appearance!

According to what Valinda told The Dodo, “People had genuinely let her down, but hopefully the food, warm blanket, and also affection I provided her would undoubtedly regain her confidence in mankind.”

Valinda hopes that a moral may be drawn from the experience of the dog named Cassie, who is now being placed with the most suitable adoptive family.

She said that there are alternatives available at all times. “What if I continued driving even though this dog was shivering, dripping wet, and starving?” It’s possible that she perished as a result of the cold, that she was run over by a car, or any number of other things. It is not all that difficult to locate a shelter that is willing and able to take in your animal.

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