The time of day when a dog gets to chow down on their food or romp about with their favorite toy is the highlight of the day for the vast majority of canines. Daisy, a Rottweiler puppy two years old, thinks that the most fascinating thing in the world is to cuddle up close to her human brother while he sleeps at night. This is one of Daisy’s favorite things to do.

Daisy’s mother, Brittany Troilo, said to The Dodo that her daughter is “his shadow.” Every night, she will be seen sleeping next to him.

Since joining her family as a tiny puppy two years ago, Daisy has been responsible for spreading the love around their abode ever since then. The moment the small puppy saw her brother, she fell head over heels in love with him and hasn’t been able to tear herself away from him ever since.

Troilo said that “she just can’t get enough of him.”

Daisy and her brother like spending the daytime hours in the garden engaging in games of tug-of-war with their toys and playing fetch. However, the dark is when the real excitement starts.

Daisy always makes her way to the stairs as soon as the clock hits 8:30 p.m. each night, where she waits for her brother’s bedtime ritual to begin before going to bed herself.

“She’ll wait there by the stairs,” Troilo replied. “She’ll sit there.” “As soon as we start heading upstairs, she’ll jump on the bed, wait for her brother to brush his teeth, and then she knows it’s time to snuggle,” you might say about her. “She knows it’s time to cuddle the moment we start going upstairs.”

After that, when her brother is finally tucked into bed, Daisy softly falls asleep by hooking her arm over his and then gently drifting off to sleep.

According to Troilo, “She sleeps with him in her arms every single night.”

In most cases, Daisy will spend the whole of the night nestled in close proximity to her younger brother. But there was a particular night when Troilo awoke at two in the morning to find Daisy sitting awake next to her bed, and she knew immediately that something was amiss.

“My kid has type 1 diabetes, and despite the fact that Daisy is not trained to do it, she was able to identify that he was suffering an emergency,” Troilo said. Now, in the middle of the night, if his sugar is either too high or too low, she comes and wakes me up so that I can attend to him.

Daisy is not only aware of the silent crises that her brother experiences, but she is also aware of the medical equipment that is attached to his body, such as the Dexcom glucose sensor that he wears when he sleeps.

The Dexcom plays a significant part in ensuring the well-being of her brother by keeping track of his blood sugar levels and notifying his parents if it detects any abnormalities. Daisy is able to keep her hands off her brother’s Dexcom at all times, even when they are asleep.

Troilo said that she has a good understanding of what it is. If it’s on his tummy, she won’t sleep on it since it’s uncomfortable for her.

In addition, Daisy will make certain that she does not touch the gadget when she hugs her brother by hooking her arm over his shoulder.

“She has a lot of brains,” Troilo said. “She is a one-of-a-kind young lady.”

Daisy’s family has just taken a new Rottweiler puppy into their house. Daisy’s name is Daisy. Daisy is completely preoccupied with playing with her new sister, Lilly, but not even the puppy is able to derail Daisy’s normal pattern of getting ready for bed.

According to Troilo, “She is aware that it is time to start getting ready for bed at 8:30 o’clock, even if she has a puppy.”

Daisy will immediately cease whatever it is that she is doing in order to join her human brother for the evening session of cuddling that they have.

And the adorable puppy will wake up eager to take on a new day while counting down the minutes till she can wrap back up in her brother’s bed and sleep with her arms around him again. This will continue until the morning when she will wake up ready to enjoy a new day.

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