When Denny Ku and his wife brought their newborn child, Koa, home for the first time, they didn’t sure how their dog, Lilo, would react to seeing the new arrival. Since the corgi, now 8 years old, was used to being an only child, she didn’t really show much interest in her sister when her mother was pregnant with him or her.

In an interview with The Dodo, Ku said, “We didn’t have any lovely moments when Lilo would rest on my wife’s tummy or accompany her around.” “It was almost as though she understood she had to share the spotlight, and she needed some space,” the narrator explains.

When Lilo first saw her brother, she welcomed him with a multitude of kisses, as she is used to do with everyone she comes in contact with.

“However, Lilo eventually came to the conclusion that this individual would be remaining,” Ku said at one point. She had no idea how to communicate with Koa, so for the first several days they spent together, she did nothing more than co-exist with him.

The Kus were concerned that Lilo would not engage with Koa very much as time went on, but one day Ku discovered a ball in Koa’s bouncer and Lilo complaining to her baby brother about him. This alleviated their concerns.

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Her parents were laughing as they attempted to explain to the eager pup that Koa wasn’t ready to play fetch just yet, but Lilo wasn’t getting what they were saying.

“So on sometimes, rather of giving us the toy or thing, she would simply deliver it to Koa,” recalled Ku. “This happened rather frequently.”

You will be able to see Lilo deliver Koa her toys if you go here:

In little time at all, Lilo had shown her brother each and every item that she kept in her collection. Then, she made the decision to show him that if he wanted anything to be a toy, he could make it out of anything.

In addition to giving him her cherished stuffed animals, Lilo began piling other items, such as toilet paper rolls and her parents’ slippers, on Koa.

On order to rouse her brother from his slumber, Lilo would place the prized possession in her brother’s lap while he was dozing, and then she would use her nose to give it a little upward shove. After that, she would wait while seated in front of him.

“Lilo glances at Koa so attentively like, ‘He’s going to throw it any minute now!'” Ku remarked. “He’s going to throw it any minute now!”

Because Koa, who is only 2 months old, is not old enough to play with Lilo yet, Ku makes it a point to always toss the toy for the excited puppy to pursue whenever Lilo shows an interest in playing.

However, Lilo takes her role as a babysitter very seriously, and as a result, when she is not giving her brother new toys, the doting puppy can often be seen napping next to him.

“She has a ton of beds, but she prefers to sleep on the floor next to the bouncer or bassinet,” Ku said. “She’s quite strange.” We have high hopes that they will one day be able to cuddle.

Lilo still has some time to wait before Koa will be large enough to connect with her, but one thing is for certain: the joyful puppy can’t wait for her brother to eventually pick up one of her toys and hurl it with all the force he has. Koa will be able to interact with Lilo once she is old enough.

She will continue to take pleasure in her position as older sibling until that time arrives, during which she will instruct her younger brother on the most vital aspect of life: how to have fun.

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