A lovely Nativity scene was set up for viewing at the town square of Palenque, Mexico, inside of a modest tent in the center of the plaza. It showcases the usual assortment of Christmas figures, all of which are posed calmly and serenely.

However, in the most recent days, they have been joined by an unexpected member.

This past week, a friendly stray dog seems to have taken note of the Nativity scene and made the decision to lay claim to the manger that was contained inside it.

However, it was discovered that she was not alone in that situation.

Eric Guzmán, a local journalist, was one of the first people to see the dog, which was curled up in the exhibit that was lined with straw. However, in contrast to the fictional figures who are portrayed in the Nativity scene, she had not picked the location in order to quietly rest.

After giving the dog a closer look, Guzmán was able to determine that she had just given birth to a litter of very young pups.

It would seem that she chose the manger as a secure location to give birth since she did not have any other options accessible to her.

According to what Guzmán shared with The Dodo, “I was stunned, and at the same time delighted seeing that she had her babies in a protected spot where they won’t get wet or cold.” Even though it has been rather chilly recently in Palenque, the temperature there is typically quite high all through the year.

The community is aware of the potential meaning that might be derived from the dogs’ presence at the location.

Guzmán started telling people about the dog and her pups that were in the manger, and ever since then, people from Palenque have been making the journey to view them for themselves. Some of these visitors have brought presents of food and drink for the young family to enjoy while they are there.

The mother dog and her pups will be permitted to remain after the decision was made by even the local authorities who were engaged in the situation.

In the meanwhile, putting aside any references to holiness, animal rights activists from Dejando Huellitas S.O.S. Palenque have also intervened to make certain that the dogs would continue to receive care both in the present and in the years to come.

They have already begun the process of looking for permanent homes for the puppies after the holidays are over.

Even while the birth of pups within the manger of the Nativity scene isn’t quite a miracle in Guzmán’s eyes, he still has high expectations that it will leave a legacy that will endure.

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