After being separated from her dog for two years, a lady from the Schuylkill Area in Pennsylvania was overjoyed to finally find him and have a heartfelt reunion with him. A lady was hunting for a fresh new animal friend when she came across her adored puppy while browsing a website that facilitates the fostering of animals.

Aisha Nieves was under the impression that she was experiencing difficulties in the year 2019. In addition to the fact that her previous home was destroyed when it was struck by a vehicle coming from Allentown, her dog, Kovu, went missing at the same time. Because of the strong connection they had, the young lady was distraught when she realized it was possible that she might never see her dog again. She wasted a lot of time and effort hunting for him over the course of many weeks but to no avail.

He was the apple of my eye. The lady who spoke to the media said that the guy would choose me wherever he went. In its most basic form, this is the definition of a man’s best buddy. It wasn’t until much later in the day that I discovered he had gone since he wasn’t there to meet me and offer me kisses as he always did. Instead, he was somewhere else. I searched for him everywhere in the house, but I couldn’t locate him anywhere. After that, I looked all throughout Allentown for nearly a week, but I was unable to locate him anywhere.

Aisha didn’t find out what had happened to Kovu until many weeks had gone after the tragedy, and it was far worse than she had expected. She found out that her dog had been sent to the Lehigh Area Humane Society after being discovered in some fashion, but in the meanwhile, another family took him in as their own pet. Because of this, the young lady had no control over the situation at all!

However, two years later there was an event that can only be described as very unique. Aisha decided that she wanted to include another young puppy in her life, so she began hunting for a dog that needed a home after making the choice to do so. However, when she was perusing the adoption list that Humane Culture had available, she came across a familiar face: Kovu had been re-adopted and was now available for adoption. Aisha’s heart started to pound so hard that it seemed like it was going to burst out of her chest, and she quickly came to the conclusion that she would do whatever in her power to get back together with an old friend of hers.

She shared this information with WFMZ, stating that “he had a mark directly above his correct eye.” “You wouldn’t be able to recognize it if you saw it now, but they made sure to include it in the photograph they provided.”

The lady quickly phoned the Humane Society to alert them of the problem, which was the first move toward a very psychological gathering that was just a few steps away. “I was dripping with sweat. She recalled that the shaking in her hands began suddenly. I was concerned that it had been so long since we had spoken that he wouldn’t remember who I was.

As soon as Kovu spotted his favorite person standing in front of him, all of Aisha’s concerns melted into thin air. The dedicated animal quickly recognized its master and hurried to greet him or her! She stated that he “simply pounced on me,” and then they began kissing and embracing one other. “I informed him, ‘Yeah, buddy, you’re going home,'” she said. I really regret that that ended up happening. I promise that I won’t let go of you ever again.'”

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