One month after the Camp Fire, a lady who had gone back to check on what was left of her home was surprised and relieved to find that her dog had made it through the blaze.

Andrea Gaylord stated that when she got back to her house in Paradise, California, her cherished dog Madison was impatiently waiting for her to come back.

Gaylord noted that it would be impossible to find a more perfect specimen of an animal. “You couldn’t do it.”

Gaylord had a hunch that Madison had made it through the blaze, so she got in touch with Shayla Sullivan, a volunteer animal rescue worker, and asked her to check on their property.

Sullivan’s first responsibilities included looking for and taking care of Miguel, Gaylord’s second dog. Both Miguel and Madison are considered to be siblings. Sullivan said that she continued to check on Gaylord’s property and that she left food and water for Madison, a mixed breed of Anatolian shepherd and Anatolian shepherd.

After the authorities removed the mandatory evacuation, Gaylord went back to her house to take a look at the damage for herself. When she arrived at the property, Madison was there, ready and waiting for her.

“Imagine the loyalty of sticking it out in the worst of circumstances and being here waiting,” Gaylord commented. “Imagine the loyalty of sticking it out in the harshest of situations.” “It brought up a lot of memories.”

By Elen

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