Abandoning your pets, whom you ought to care for as if they were your own children, is a terribly selfish and inhumane thing to do. Whether they are cats, dogs, birds, or any other creatures, they do not deserve to be released back into the wild. This holds true for all of the animals that you have taken in. Due to the fact that it may be so painful for them, they can run away in uncertainty. Even animals may be traumatized, and the effects of this experience can linger with them for the rest of their lives. There is a world of difference between how animals are brought up in homes as pets and how animals are brought up on the streets, yet neither kind of parenting is good for the animal in question. Your pets will eventually become used to the idea that they are part of your family. It ought to be the other way around at all times since their faithfulness and friendship will only help to build their connection with you in the long run. It goes without saying that you wouldn’t leave your children in such a manner, would you?

The previous owners of the dog abandoned her on the sidewalk in a box that had the words “Please assist” written on it. The unfortunate being waited there for who knows how many days, begging and fasting for someone to come and rescue her as she was starving to death. What a terrible ordeal for an animal to have to go through!

Lika, a lady who has in the past rescued and adopted pups, was walking down the sidewalk when she came across the box that contained this small dog. After getting into touch with the little puppy as she opened the box, she hurriedly took him with her to her house, gave him a bath, and fed him right away.

According to what she had claimed, the tiny dog had been unwell ever since it had been abandoned, and it had not been brought out of the box since then. After that, she constructed a bed for the puppy so that he could have a restful night’s sleep, and she continued to provide him with excellent care and attention until he was healthy and feeling better.

Because he was adopted, the little boy is now living in a home filled with love with people who will truly treat him as if he were their own kid. This is something that is absolutely necessary for any animal that you take in, and I can’t emphasize it enough how important it is.

If you are interested in learning more about Lika, you may visit her YouTube channel, which is titled “Lika Loves Animals.”

By Elen

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