In the United States state of Alaska lives a gorgeous black lab with the name Felix. According to embounce, he has a significant following on the social networking site Imgur, where his admirers have been following his journey and finding it entertaining to see the attractive hairy guy transform.

Jamie, Felix’s father, disclosed to Bored Panda that he has been responsible for Felix’s upbringing ever since the infant was 11 days old. When the breeder saw that one of the pups in her litter was not developing and was passing as a result of severe cleft palate and cleft lip, and that she was unable to adequately feed from her mother, they called in a rescue worker.

To extract this hairy individual required considerable labor on my part.

Jamie says, “At the time, he had aspiration pneumonia, and it was quite unlikely that he would survive another day.” I took care of him at home for the next seven weeks, feeding him via a feeding tube as necessary. In addition to that, I assisted him in treating his pneumonia. It has been 14 months since he was born and he is a black lab puppy.

It is not known what causes cleft lip and palate in children. Jamie claims that this abnormality may take place in both people and animals when there is a lack of proper nutrition or when the fetus is exposed to certain substances before birth.

Felix is a courageous individual who does not let his health problems to prevent him from having fun and taking pleasure in life. In addition to having problems with his digestive system, this Labrador’s jaws are misaligned, he only has one eyeball that works, and the origin of his intestines are on the other side of his body. He has a specific expression on his face at all times.

Because none of his teeth are in the right place, Jamie explained, “He can only consume anything that comes in a can.” Even though he doesn’t like it, I sometimes force hard food onto him in an effort to make him feel more integrated into the group. On the other side, he is what keeps him occupied. «

In January of this year, Felix had surgery to repair his cleft lip and palate. The dog’s owner claims that their pet suffers from a unilateral cleft palate, which affects both the dog’s hard and soft palates. The veterinarian performed an excellent job, and they were able to fix the abnormalities with his palate by utilizing his own tissue to rebuild them.

Felix was unable to maintain his normal eating and drinking routines prior to undergoing the operation. Every time that his father fed him, his father would wash the food out of his cleft.

Jamie said, “Since he had surgery, he has acquired a neurological tic that causes him to spin about and, on occasion, bark at the air. I believe this is most likely a consequence of the dislocation of his head.” We are doing these tests to see whether or not he could benefit from new medications.

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