Alyssa Milano has made it a habit to publish a photo on her Instagram profile on her birthday, along with a caption in which she reflects on the experiences and lessons she has gained over the previous year. It’s easy to see why the actress from “Who’s the Boss” would feel sentimental and optimistic.

She did the same thing on her 48th birthday and described how she felt about her looks in the post that she published online. Her skin may not be as taut and her body may not be as supple as it was when she first started working in the industry, but they both represent the experiences that she has undergone and cherished.

It is a blessing to have such self-awareness, yet many utilize social media sites to convey their uncensored judgments about other people. Milano, like with other prominent personalities, is often the object of cruel remarks, assaults on their personhood, and even bullying. One of these posters tweeted the following:

“Back in the day, Alyssa Milano was a really desirable celebrity. She is still beautiful, but her mental illness has turned her into an unattractive person.”

Not just because of her famous profile, but also due to the ideas that she openly expresses, the actress from “Insatiable” is the target of vitriol on the internet. She utilizes her resources and her position to speak on problems that are important to her and in which she believes, and she is outspoken in her support of humanitarian and progressive causes.

A social media activist is one way that some people might define Milano. She played a significant role in the resurgence of the #MeToo movement in 2017, which was first started by activist Tarana Burke. Her tweet was the impetus for a worldwide movement that enabled many individuals who had been the targets of sexual exploitation to feel empowered to speak out about their experiences.

Additionally, the actress is politically active, as seen by the fact that her socials reflect her affiliations. She is the host of the podcast “Alyssa Milano: Sorry, Not Sorry,” which “takes on social, political, and cultural topics,” and as a result, she often finds herself at differences with those who have contrasting viewpoints. The “beefs” that stood out the most were between Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan, who both appear in “Charmed,” and Elon Musk, who owns Twitter and is a computer entrepreneur.

Milano, the activist, the actor, or the 50-year-old wife and mother are all aspects of a human person that are deserving of love and respect, regardless of whether or not one agrees with her politics or like her photographs. And a lot of people like how her posts are not edited. Amy Cuddy, a psychologist and author, posted the following remark in response to her birthday selfie:

“Happy birthday, Alyssa!!! Since I turned 50 in July of this year, I have never in my life felt more powerful, more courageous, more satisfied, or more attractive than I do right now. Cheers to being gorgeous, powerful, and 50 years old!!!”

Another actress, Milla Jovovich, weighed in as well, praising Milano as an inspiration and a natural force who never sugarcoats the truth and always speaks her mind. A friend of the actress and activist referred to her on Twitter as a “kind, intelligent, gorgeous angel,” stating that she brings pleasure and light into the lives of many people.

In the most recent post she made on her birthday, Milano reveals that she is in a healthy and happy place. She states that she is thrilled to be here as who she is and in the present time. She acknowledges how far she has gone and then continues, “There’s still so much more to look forward to!”

In addition to this, she encourages people who follow her to recognize their blessings, cherish those who are near to them, and never stop going forward. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your birthday or not; it’s always a good idea to take stock of what you have since it motivates you to have sympathy for others who are less fortunate.

The Husband Admits That He Loves Her Precisely as She Is

In 2021, Milano published a collection of articles under the title “Sorry, Not Sorry,” which later served as the inspiration for the title of her podcast. One of the chapters is devoted to the man she has been married to for the last 13 years, talent agent David Bugliari. Milano stated the following when asked about what she has learned as a result of their relationship:

“In many respects, love may be seen as an ongoing condition of apology. It entails acknowledging the areas in which you fall short, being aware that the person you love is aware of those shortcomings as well, and making a concerted effort to improve in those areas. But the most essential thing is that it means being loved in return, despite the fact that you have flaws. It indicates that the apology is often accepted, and that the sincerity of the apology is typically acknowledged.”

The actress from “Melrose Place” reiterates her belief that loving one another requires a conscious effort to avoid taking one another for granted. An apology that comes from the heart is not something that comes easily. Neither is the act of forgiving. Love requires acknowledging the efforts of both parties and allowing each other the freedom to explore their own paths to success or failure.

Milano spoke up about one of the most difficult aspects of her marriage to Bugliari in her book, which can be found here. They announced their pregnancy not long after their wedding in the year 2009. The couple had just been married when tragedy struck in the form of a miscarriage for the woman. However, the actress was struggling with something on the inside.

She felt responsible for the death of their child and believed that God had taken it out on her as a kind of retribution for the abortions she had while she was in her twenties. However, her husband supported her and reassured her that the wish they had to grow their family by having children will one day be realized.

During that trying time, he managed to make her laugh, which is one of the reasons why Milano despises the fact that her job requires her to be away from Bugliari so often. The couple has been given the gift of two children: Milo, who is 11 years old and was conceived three months after the loss of their pregnancy, and Elizabella, who is 8 years old.

Alyssa Milano feels immense gratitude for the effort, love, faith, and patience that she and her husband put into maintaining their marriage. The outcome of their love is their children, and they take great pleasure in seeing them develop. When Milano considers the impact that love has had on her life, she is filled with amazement and admiration.

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