Mike Gabler, the victor of Survivor 43, made television history on Wednesday night when he said that he would give the entire $1 million prize money to military veterans.

The aortic valve doctor, who is 52 years old, had been telling viewers of the CBS competition series his strategy before being selected Sole Survivor, but he kept his promise after being awarded the title.

During the Survivor after the show, which was shot only times after Gabler won the competition, he mentioned hosting Jeff Probst that “there are those who need that money more.” “And I’m going to give the full reward,” Gabler said, “the entire million dollar prize, in the honor of my father, Robert Gabler, who was a Green Beret,” to veterans in need who are recuperating from psychiatric disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and to help stem the suicide pandemic.

The resident of Kingwood, Texas continued, “We’re going to save lives and do something good,” which was welcomed with shouts from both the jury and the other cast members. “We all participated in Season 43 of this game. They will receive one million dollars in total. We created history, guys, we did “The heartfelt remarked was added by him.

In the run-up to his big announcement, Gabler could not say enough good things about Survivor and shared his and the other players’ reactions to the show’s influence on their lives. He added that everyone present had the opportunity of a lifetime as well as the adventure of a lifetime out here. “The things that each of us picked up from the other were invaluable. All of it helped us become stronger.”

In this season of the long-running reality competition show, filming took place once again on the islands of Fiji. Owen Knight, Jesse Lopez, Cassidy Clark, and Karla Cruz Godoy were the other four contestants who made it to the three-hour season finale along with Gabler. Out of the top five contenders, Clark, Knight, and Gabler were the only ones who made it to the final three.

Gabler was declared the winner when the remaining contestants in the competition were eliminated by a jury decision of 7-1-1. It was the first time in the entire season that his name had been recorded in writing.

Gabler, who is the second oldest winner in the history of the show, continued by saying that he has been “lucky enough to come from a working-class family.” Gabler is the oldest winner in the show’s history.

When Gabler was asked by Probst in a polite manner about the economic situation at home, contemplating his “wonderful gesture,” Gabler mentioned that he did not come from money and that it was not in his family.

He responded, “No, I’ve worked extremely hard, and I’ve also been fortunate.” “However, I came to the conclusion while going through this experience that I have a lot of wealth in my home. My life at home is really fantastic. I come from an incredible family. I have fantastic buddies. I have a responsibility to improve myself as a spouse, a parent, a brother, and a son. I also have a responsibility to improve myself as a brother. When we get back to our respective homes, each of us, including myself, is planning to carry out the aforementioned activities.”

“And to take this million dollars in this time period where there is so much going on in the news that people don’t like to look at, and we go, ‘Well that’s why we’re watching Survivor, because great things happen on this show, and we just did another one on season 43,” she said.

According to the information supplied by Gabler, “We are going to support veterans in need, and we are going to gift that complete million dollars to them.” “And I will be eternally appreciative of the fact that we did this. We got through this, fellas.”

Regarding the extra-special season, Probst offered his thoughts earlier this month on why he believes filming the after-show immediately following the winner being crowned is so much more impactful.

“My favorite part of the competition is doing the after-show in the jungle just after the winner is revealed to the audience. It’s so unpolished and feels so much more genuine, “he stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I am aware that some fans long for the pomp and spectacle that was associated with bringing back the players several months after the performance had concluded. I completely understand and agree that there is something really exhilarating about a live audience, as well as the sight of the performers all dressed up and looking their best.”

“However, there is no parallel to be made in terms of the talks,” he continued. “We’re going to have to take it to the jungle!”

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