It’s official: a new woman has earned the title of Miss America!

The Wisconsin State Fair Queen Miss America 2023 will be Grace Stanke, a student at the University of Wisconsin who studies nuclear engineering. The coronation took place on Thursday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Stanke wowed the panel of judges with her responses during the “Red Carpet” phase and the final stage of the competition. Additionally, during the “talent” segment of the contest, Stanke gave an outstanding performance on the violin.

The title of first runner-up was awarded to Miss New York Taryn Delanie Smith, and the title of second runner-up was given to Miss Texas Averie Bishop.

The top 11 contestants included Miss Nevada Heather Renner, Miss Hawaii Lauren Teruya, Miss Oregon Sophia Takla, Miss Ohio Elizabette Nies, Miss Indiana Elizabeth Hallal, and Miss Illinois Monica Mia Jones, who was chosen by voting public in America as the 11th presenter to make the cut. The other 10 women in the top 11 contestants were chosen by the judges. Miss Illinois Monica Mia Jones was chosen by voters in America as the 11th entrant to be selected.

The final round consisted of five ladies, including Elizabeth Wench, who has crowned Miss West Virginia, and Kelsey Hollis, who was crowned Miss Georgia. During this round, the contestants were questioned about issues that are important to them and the causes that they support.

During the course of the discussion, Stanke stated that she is “happy” to have the opportunity to represent “the women who can” and tackle relevant problems in her role as Miss America.

“In my capacity as Miss America, I am acting as a representative for this organization. In the event that they have additional inquiries, I am able to preface my response by stating, “This isn’t the group’s viewpoint; this is my private point of view as Grace Stanke,” and then I am able to proceed to state my opinion; this is especially useful in situations involving controversial political issues, such as nuclear power and so many others “It was clarified by her.

Emma Broyles, who is Korean American and became the first Miss Alaska candidate in the competition’s 100-year history to achieve the Miss America title, has been succeeded by Stanke, who is now Miss Alaska.

Broyles, who was 20 years old at the time, said: “Being the first Korean Miss America, that we know of, is pretty wonderful because I think about when I was younger and I was growing up and not really seeing Korean women who looked like me in mass media” “I remember being embarrassed by my history, and for a long time, I did everything I could to avoid accepting it.”

“Now that I’m older,” she continued, “I’ve truly been capable of accepting my heritage and embracing my past. I’ve also been able to appreciate the journey that my grandparents made approximately fifty or so years ago.”

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