After being abandoned by his breeder in the woods of South Carolina along with a bunch of other dogs, Parker wandered the countryside aimlessly, uncertain of what to do next. Because there was no bed for him to sleep on, the curly brown and white dog decided to lay his head on a pile of pine needles instead.

Parker avoided the people who were trying to save him for many days because he wasn’t sure he could trust them. In the end, animal control authorities were successful in capturing Parker and bringing him to Halfway There Rescue. Once there, he was matched with an experienced foster who would assist him in his recovery.

Orphaned Deer Runs Back To The Wild With Her Best Friend

Parker was still quite anxious when he arrived at the house that would serve as his foster home.

Carrie, Parker’s foster mom, requested that her last name not be used while speaking to The Dodo about her son’s past. “At first, he was scared of everything,” she said.

Carrie was aware that she needed to exercise patience with Parker and was ready to let him adjust on his own terms. To his good fortune, Parker was able to bond with his foster siblings. As he developed stronger bonds with them, he started to remember the joys of his previous life as a dog.

Carrie stated, “He’s gradually become more comfortable among the other dogs.” “I have a rescue husky-pit mix named Malala. She is a saint and often assists timid dogs in emerging from their shells. They are now engaged in continuous play in the backyard and all around the home.

Parker’s genuine personality started to emerge as he became more at ease with his foster family and spent more time with them.

Carrie said that while the canine companion is outdoors with the pack, “He’s a silly, friendly, and carefree dog.” He enjoys games of chase and wrestling, as well as spending a lot of time digging in the soil.

Parker is continuing to work on boosting his confidence with human beings while continuing to live with Carrie. Once Carrie has found a family that is a wonderful match for Parker, he will move into his new home. Carrie said that in order to earn the man’s confidence, one must have a great deal of patience and an awareness that this endeavor would take some time.

Despite the fact that he was previously abandoned to fend for himself, Parker now has a second opportunity to be part of a loving family. He’s getting back into the swing of things, love-wise, day by day.

Make a contribution to Halfway There Rescue using this link in order to assist other dogs who are in a similar situation as Parker.

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