Since completing his tour of duty in Afghanistan, Vance McFarland, an expert in the Army, has been patiently waiting. Naturally, no soldier is ever expected to complete a task on his or her alone. Ikar, a Czech shepherd who had been trained as a tactical bomb detection dog, followed Vance throughout the mission.

After they returned home, Ikar was separated from Vance and sent back to Afghanistan as the two of them posed for a short photo with their mission partner. As he explained what was occurred, his voice was filled with agony, and it was audible.

According to the story, after Ikar got back from his trip, a private company made an offer to recruit the dog, but in the end, it didn’t work out. Ikar was supposed to spend no more than a few of weeks in the kennel, but he ended up staying there for a total of 17 months.

Ikar was deserted for a drawn-out stretch of time by his companions.

Ikar and the other dogs were helped by Mission K9 Rescue and the US War Canines Association so that they could go back to their mission partners and get the much-needed TLC they need. Due to the fact that McFarland was Ikar’s original handler, the factions were required to make some effort in order to locate him.

Vance goes on to explain how he felt “stalked” on Facebook when he received messages concerning Ikar’s whereabouts. Keep in mind that the person in question is a soldier. They have a different understanding of what we mean when we speak about stalking.

But can you even begin to fathom how happy he was when he found out about his old friend?

“I’m crossing my fingers that he remembers me.”

Ikar still thinks about Vance, even though it has been three years since they last spoke. Ikar sees Vance as he comes around the corner, and when Vance shouts out to him, the stunning dog dashes up to McFarland’s arms. McFarland is a big fan of Ikar. Vance, look at how he’s sniffing and snuggling with her!

Hugs, lots and lots of hugs!

What can you say about feeling overwhelmed? Even Vance, a man who had spent his life preparing for battle, had a grin on his face. That’s the kind of love that only a man and his best friend can have. You can guarantee that Ikar followed him back to his house. This lovely shepherd will live out the remainder of his days with Vance’s wife and their two other dogs, where he will get the care and affection that is due to any animal companion.

A other moniker for the inhabitants of the Czech Republic is the Bohemian Shepherd. They were initially bred to serve as guard dogs and service dogs, and as a result, they are friendly and very intelligent. Because this breed thrives when it is in the company of kids and other members of the family, those who are considering getting one will need to devote a lot of time to both training and exercise. They have a great level of patience and will learn new things quickly, putting their impressive intelligence to good use.

Vance and Ikar were able to deal with it without any difficulty.

The thoughts of the viewers were heard.

“These dogs and their partners (trainers) should never be separated from one another under any circumstances; when the trainer goes home, the dogs should follow suit.” These canines are of the highest caliber. This dog was overcome with delight, and it was obvious that he knew his friend.

It would seem that others have the same sentiments.

When the soldier turned to his companion and said, “I love you,” my heart immediately started crying.

If Ikar fared well during his deployment, as we are certain he did, then he will do brilliantly as a family dog when he returns home. These shepherds from the Czech Republic get along well with everyone, even other animals. In addition, there is sufficient space for him to stretch out his legs without the risk of setting off a bomb.

Vance asserts that they already have a large number of toys, but they want to get even more in the near future. Ikar, who is just five years old, will have the opportunity to retire earlier than expected.

This reunion, which has been in the works for the last three years, will make your heart happy.

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