Dad was under the impression that he was all by himself with the dog. As dog owners, we deal with our canine companions in the same manner that we would certainly deal with another individual or member of the family.
We interact with them in a covert manner by playing with them and talking to them, and we also make an effort to ensure that they are as comfortable as is humanly feasible.

When someone catches you in the act of doing something stupid, it can be really embarrassing. Sometimes we go a bit beyond and get carried away.

The man in the following video thought he was alone with his dog, so he decided to have a dance-off with his pet right there on the couch. Watch the hilarious results below.

However, Mother was able to see everything as it happened because the camera was rolling the whole time! Their musical performance is much too cute and extremely adorable, and Papa’s expression at the very end of the video when he learns he’s been caught on camera is absolutely hysterical.

By Anna

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