On Saturday, a young dog that had been left on the side of a roadway in the area of Wamego was recovered, and it has since been adopted by a family.

Employees from Coleman Electric came upon a puppy that was being transported in a vehicle carrier as they were on their way to Manhattan. With the help of the drivers, Matt McMillan and Steve McLean were successful in flagging down the double-decker truck carrier. They were successful in stopping the automobile in order to rescue the dog that they had been chasing after.

After the puppy was rescued, McMillan took care of it at the construction site where he was working. Karmel, a retriever-lab mix puppy, has already reached the age of four months.

McMillan said that ever since we discovered her, she has simply plopped down at your feet due to the fact that she is the loveliest dog. Because she had spent the most of the previous two days sleeping, I believe that she had a lot of ground to make up and some strength to rebuild.

Crime Stoppers of Wichita is currently offering increased monetary incentives in exchange for information on a deceased person who was discovered in west Wichita. After recently losing one of his own pets, McMillan came to the conclusion that he would be unable to survive without her.

McMillan took the puppy to the animal shelter on Tuesday so that it could be registered. When they were contacted, the animal’s previous owners gave the response that they did not want her returned.

Thankfully, the dog was rescued from a shelter in Manhattan and returned back to its family.

By Elen

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