The existence of “California Gurls” cannot be refuted, however it is possible that they are not completely versed in all of the most recent hunting strategies.

Luke Bryan made an appearance on the Rob and Holly program on Audacy on Wednesday, and during his time there, he related a humorous anecdote about a time when Katy Perry overheard a discussion that took place between he and his son Thomas before they went on a hunting trip.

During a commercial break on American Idol, on which Bryan, 46, and Perry, 38, star as judges alongside Lionel Richie, the country singer revealed that he and his eldest son were participating in a FaceTime call. He went on to say, “So, Katy’s listening to me talk to my 14-year-old, and he goes, ‘Dad, do we have any doe pee around here?’ which is doe urine.” Bryan and

“She was like, ‘Did your kid just ask you if you had any drugs around the house?’ while she was watching Katy Perry attempt to figure out what the heck it was that I and my son were talking about as she was watching us. I told her, “Katy, he’s asking for doe pee,” and she said, “Like urine from an animal?” I told her, “He’s asking for doe pee.” I responded with something along the lines of, “Yes, what do we do to bring in the big bucks?” “After that, Bryan proceeded.

He continued by saying, “I feel sad for her and Lionel, as well as the fact that they have to obtain their education in the country from me.”

The year before, Bryan had a conversation with PEOPLE about Perry’s own role as a parent, including the “rockstar” mentality she carried with her on the set of American Idol as she navigated being a working mom on the ABC competition series. Specifically, Bryan was interested in how Perry handled the pressures of being a parent while also being a judge on the show.

Bryan added at the time of his fellow judge, who has daughter Daisy Dove, 2, with fiancĂ© Orlando Bloom, “It’s just really fantastic being there with Katy and seeing her [be a parent],” and he stands by those words now. “She will FaceTime Orlando and tiny Daisy Dove on occasion during the pauses in the action. As a result, I’ll have the opportunity to say “Hey.””

He went on to say, “But even just seeing Katy embrace becoming a mother is a really lovely thing to behold.” [Citation needed] It was never a question in my mind that she would be an excellent parent.

He went on to say of the mother who was breastfeeding at the time, “She’d come on set; she would’ve been up nursing all night.” Because Katy is now knee-deep in the nursing program, we’ve had to adjust our plans to accommodate her hectic schedule.

“However, she has shown no sign of giving up and has continued to put in the same amount of effort as before. She’s a superstar in my eyes because I know she’s pulling it off on very little sleep “Bryan stated.

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