Elvissandro is a nickname that Lissandro Formica’s friends and family have given him due to his deep love for the music of Elvis Presley.

When he was just five years old, his passion for music was sparked when his father played “The King” for him.

Therefore, the little monarch made his way onto the stage of The Voice Kids France, all set to perform one of Elvis Presley’s songs. Now that there is such a large catalog of Elvis songs from which to chose, Lissandro could have taken his project in whatever way he desired.

They were all so impressed by this kid’s intelligence and kindness that they sprang out of their chairs.

Despite his tender age, Lissandro is already confident in his abilities and prepared to showcase them.

When this youngster is ten or fifteen years old, we can’t wait to catch up with him or her.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he pursues a career in music, since Elvis is just itching to get out of him.

By Elen

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