The second season of Firefly Lane will make its debut on Netflix on December 2, and the countdown has already begun. It’s possible that when you’re watching the episode, you’ll recognize Brandon Jay McLaren (the actor who plays Travis), but you might be unsure where you’ve seen him before.

The actor has a very strong filmography, with roles in films such as Rookie and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. On the other hand, we were completely unaware that he had also been in a romantic comedy titled She’s the Man.

You may remember McLaren from his role as Toby, a student who lived in the same building as Amanda Bynes (Viola/Sebastian) and Channing Tatum in the film “Sisters” (Duke). Toby appears in a large number of scenes because he is Duke’s friend. One of these moments is the one in which Amanda Bynes stuffs a tampon up her nose. “You just stick it right in, and it soaks up all the moisture right away.”

Although Viola is the one who utters the phrase in question, Toby also has a number of notable phrases, including “Screw you people. High school was the worst.

McLaren is not the only actor to have appeared in an episode of She’s the Man as a guest star, of course. In the movie from the 2000s, Alexandra Breckenridge played the role of Monique, and she is also a participant. Long before she began her career in television, the actress gave a performance that will live long in memory as Sebastian’s needy girlfriend. Sophie in This Is Us and Mel in Virgin River are just two of the roles she has since gone on to play.

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