Following the purchase of their new residence, reality show stars Erin and Ben Napier have made the decision to withdraw from the public eye. The couple currently has two small children, both of whom they hope to raise in a placid environment in the country, in their “dream home.”

Alumni of the show “Home Town” Ben and Erin Napier will be celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary this year. Their first encounter took place 18 years ago. Erin posted a photo of her spouse along with a caption on social media in which she reflected on the time the couple had spent together.

On November 15, 2022, the pair enjoyed a meal together for the first time at Keen’s Steakhouse in New York City. She wrote a lengthy essay in which she stated that they had a conversation about motherhood and that they wanted to make changes for the sake of their children.

“I’ve been seated directly opposite him at practically every meal for the past 18 years. Tonight, we chatted about parenting and recalled who we were before we came to this city on our honeymoon fourteen years ago. That trip to New York City was our honeymoon. It seems like a very long time ago, very far away. But I like him still. And have a love for him. Erin captioned the photo with the phrase “feeling lucky to still get butterflies.”

Ben left a comment in the section for reader feedback and joked that, after more than ten years, he could now afford to have steak for dinner. Nevertheless, he emphasized that he would be a good husband and father by giving his lovely wife and children a piece of the pie.

Erin gushed over her husband in a post that she published in September 2018, along with a photo of the couple sitting on their porch. During the proposal, Ben was captured on camera getting down on one knee. The woodworker popped the question with a diamond band purchased from Square Books. According to his wife, he had been saving money for several years in order to purchase an engagement ring.

In November 2020, the happy couple commemorated the 12th anniversary of their wedding with a series of heartwarming tributes on Instagram. Ben stated in his letter that he and his wife had exchanged their “I do”s on the day that they were married and that they had continued to do so ever since. He also stated that they would continue to do so in the future:

“There is just one thing I’m really good at, and that’s being @erinapier’s husband. I have to make an effort in all of the other areas.

In the meantime, the mother of his children uploaded on IGTV a compilation of movies commemorating their big day, beginning with a clip of their wedding. In the backdrop of the four-minute film were playing songs such as “By Your Side” by Blue Mountain and “Lloyd, I’m Ready to be Heartbroken” by Camera Obscura. The video highlighted the most memorable moments from the couple’s wedding day.

Since the day they tied the knot on November 22, 2008, Ben and Erin’s love for one another has only grown stronger. It is said that he still writes love messages to his partner first thing in the morning.

On Erin’s 37th birthday, which was on August 30, 2022, her husband surprised her with thoughtful “gifts of time,” which he had purchased in advance. He had planned out an agenda for her birthday week, which detailed the events that she would participate in during the week.

The aforementioned activities consisted of going out to lunch with her pals, spending quality time with him and their children, going to the movies with her mother, and going out to lunch with him. The ecstatic Erin expressed her happiness by writing on her Instagram account that even if her husband may have some flaws, “he is perfectly wonderful for me.”

Ben posted a happy birthday message to Erin’s social media accounts in August 2021, along with a gallery of images, one of which was from the couple’s wedding day. He made a point of mentioning all of the responsibilities she had taken on throughout their time together and referred to her as “my favorite cover girl.”

Erin and Ben have arrived at a crossroads in their relationship and have reached a point where they need to reconsider some things. They are a power couple that is involved in numerous business endeavors and are busy with the demanding schedules that they have.

The couple is now the proud parents of two daughters named Helen and Mae, and they have given the impression that they may take a vacation from their hectic lives in order to focus on raising their children. The woman who is a mother to two children revealed that she and her husband are currently experiencing the happiest time of their life together, and they intend to maintain it that way.

Television personalities have made the decision to put the production of their reality shows on indefinite hold so that they can concentrate on tending to their families. Ben and Erin want nothing more than for their girls to experience childhood.

The happy couple decided to start a new chapter in their lives by purchasing a new home in 2021, shortly after the birth of their second child, Mae. Ben and Erin have found the ideal place for their children to grow up and have a typical childhood, full of activities like playing in the mud, climbing trees, going fishing, and running through the fields.

As a result, they came to the conclusion that an ancient country house in Mississippi would suffice. At first, the couple had the idea that they would build a whole new house from the ground up because they each had their own unique wish list, but then they realized that doing so would be more expensive.

The on-screen couple recently finished construction on their new home, which will allow them to spend more time with their children. It was built in 1930 and has a Tudor design with 4,000 square feet of living space.

The stars of “Home Town Takeover” purchased the house in July of 2021 and then spent the next nine months making renovations to it. Ben stated that they would use the house as their “weekend getaway” home going forward.

The pair owns Laurel Mercantile and Scotsman General, both of which are located in close proximity to this home, as is the school that their daughter Helen attends. The elated father shared with his audience that his first-born daughter had “always wanted to be a country girl.”

The old brick Tudor house that Ben and Erin owned required some improvements in order to meet their requirements, such as the installation of a working kitchen and a brand-new laundry room. Beams made of heart pine are used throughout the interior, along with wide plank flooring, tongue-and-groove paneling, and custom millwork.

Because of the home’s rich history, Ben was especially taken with the renovation job that they undertook on one of their properties. He disclosed that all of the wooden elements in the house had been harvested and milled on the premises of the property.

During this time, his wife had an initial attraction to the Tudor style of the house. Erin remarked that she was “obsessed” with the “British look” of the home and added that she got the impression that she had moved to the opposite side of the state when she was there.

The living room of the couple has two different kinds of sofas: one is blue and is in the shape of an L, and the other is brown and has three seats. In an interview that took place in November 2022 with Southern Living, the author provided some background information regarding the three-seater couch that had previously belonged to her mother.

Erin revealed that she and her husband had redone the upholstery on the piece of furniture as well as given it new feet. Her mother purchased the sofa in 1999 and gave it to her and Ben the following year; however, given how well they reupholstered it, her mother now wants it back.

In the dining room that the couple shares, they always have their Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, as well as meals for other important occasions. There is also a painting and a piano in the room. The table is made of mahogany. The cabinets in Ben and Erin’s kitchen are painted white, and the countertops are wood.

They also have what was traditionally known as a keeping room, which is a room that is adjacent to the kitchen and serves as a place for her to keep the company of her loved ones while she prepares meals for them. The room has a fireplace, a breakfast table, and armchairs for guests to make use of.

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