A one-of-a-kind present that Lindsay Lohan’s husband, Bader Shammas, presented to her for Christmas is something that she treasures.

The actress, who goes by the stage name Falling for Christmas and is 36 years old, recently spoke out about the Christmas present that her boyfriend, the financier Shammas, bought her on the occasion of the couple’s first holiday together.

Because it was the first Christmas that my husband and I spent together, the bracelet from Cartier that he gave me has a very special place in my heart. “The most memorable, because it’s right here in front of me, was from my spouse. It was the first Christmas that we spent together.

That will never leave my possession, and someday, if and when my husband and I have children, it will be handed down to my daughter.

She continued by saying, “Most of the time, I am at a loss for words when I am given items during the holiday season, but I truly like [buying for] presents and wrapping them.”

During this Christmas season, Lohan also mentioned the things for which she is thankful. She said, “I am thankful for the people who are a part of my life.” my personal family, which includes my husband and children, in addition to my extended family members.

In addition, the motivation and assistance that I have had from a sizable number of people and fans who have been following my professional development over the course of so many years. I am blessed with an incredible appreciation for everything. I am grateful to have a location that I can call home and a bed that is both comfortable and inviting.

With the release of Falling for Christmas, Lindsay Lohan is also making her way back to the romantic comedy genre.

Lindsay said that once shooting was over, she broke down in tears because she felt as if she had grown “so close with everyone.”

“I hadn’t been on a set for a romantic comedy movie in such a long time – it was almost like a rebirth,” she stated about her experience while shooting Falling for Christmas. “I hadn’t been on a set for a romantic comedy movie in such a long time,” she added.

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