Taylor Lautner, age 30, and Taylor Dome, age 25, have made their relationship official and are now married.

The news that the couple had secretly wed over the weekend at a winery close to Paso Robles, California, was reported by The Daily Mail, which also snagged some photographs from the ceremony, which was held in a relatively private setting. However, it would appear that Dome has been studying the strategies employed by Taylor Swift, who is known as the “queen of Easter eggs,” because she dropped a cryptic hint about the wedding only a few days before it took place.

Everything got started on the previous Wednesday, November 9, when Dome uploaded a slideshow to Instagram consisting of photographs that she had taken while inside a restroom. In the photographs, the future bride wore a dress of vibrant color and accessorized it with a veil that she wore on her head. She captioned the photo with the phrase “Wednesday vibes.”

Although at the time we didn’t give it much thought, it is now quite evident that Dome’s veil was communicating to her followers that the wedding was very close at hand. And it seems that some admirers were paying attention, as evidenced by the fact that one of them asked, “Was this a photo from a bridal shower?” Another one of your followers said in the comments section, “So excited for you!! “, and they attached an emoji of a wedding ring to their message.

Since posting this stealthy shot, the registered nurse has not published any further photos, and Lautner has not published anything since the beginning of the previous week. However, The Daily Mail reports that the couple exchanged vows during a beautiful outdoor ceremony attended by over one hundred of their relatives and closest friends. In photographs published in the magazine, the couple can be seen holding hands and kissing, while Dome can be seen wearing a wedding dress with floral lace embellishments. While the bridesmaids wore dresses in a forest green tint, the groom, Lautner, wore a black tuxedo, and his groomsmen matched him in color.

When Taylor announced her engagement to Lautner precisely one year ago, he did so by posting to his Instagram account photographs that had been taken during the very moment that he had proposed to Taylor.

“11.11.2021. And just like that, each and every one of my dreams came true,” Lautner stated in the caption of his photo. Dome uploaded the second photo from the carousel to her own account and captioned it with the words “My absolute greatest friend.” I simply CAN NOT WAIT to spend the rest of my life with you.

Additionally, it was disclosed that Dome will be taking after his father’s family name, Lautner (which would make both their names Taylor Lautner). While appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the actor known for his role in the Twilight trilogy made a joke about it by stating, “We’re literally going to be the same guy.”

The newlyweds have been dating since 2018, and according to The Sun, it is thought that Lautner’s younger sister, Makena, was the one who introduced them to one another. Their relationship was first brought to the attention of the general public on Halloween in 2018 when Lautner posted a selfie on Instagram of the two of them dressed up as a Space Jam-inspired songs squad.

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