When John Lennon, a musician for the Beatles, and his girlfriend Cynthia welcomed their son Julian into the world in April of 1963, the weather was unusually warm for the time of year. Julian, who is now in his 50s and has established a career as a musician, has matured into a person who looks just like his renowned father. Nevertheless, despite the fact that they were indistinguishably similar, their relationship was everything from harmonious.

Even while the family may have seemed to be picture perfect to others, the connections inside the family were everything but. In an interview with The Telegraph, Julian said that although his grandfather John may have preached love all over the world, he did not demonstrate love very often to his own family.

“A hypocrite was my father. He was able to preach to people all over the globe about love and peace, but he could never demonstrate such things to his wife and kid “During the 1980s, Julian disclosed his views in an interview that became infamous for its acerbic tone.

According to reports from Express, John wasn’t even there when his son was born; Cynthia had to go through labor by herself while the Beatle was out on business on the other side of the continent. According to the assertions of a number of knowledgeable individuals, this was the norm in the early 1960s; dads were seldom ever expected to be there. In John’s instance, though, it seemed that the absence was more of a pattern than a long-standing custom.

In spite of the difficulties he has had with his father, Julian has gradually come to terms with the history of his family and forgiven any hurts suffered in the past. In the year 2022, he disclosed to PEOPLE that he had made amends with his father. Even his “Uncle” Paul McCartney, who he refers to as “McCartney,” seems to get along well with him, since the two of them have been seen hanging out in the strangest of settings together.

In spite of the fact that Julian has voiced concerns about the affection that his father had for him, John’s second son held more positive views of the individual. Sean Lennon, who was raised by his father John and his second wife, Yoko Ono, had the sense that he was protected and cherished by both of his parents. In 1980, John said in an interview with Playboy magazine that Sean was “the result of love.” As for Julian, well… In the same interview, the well-known Beatle said the following:

“I am not going to deceive Julian in any way. The vast majority of individuals on this planet, particularly in the West, had no intention of having children when they drank a bottle of whiskey on a Saturday night and became pregnant as a result. This is especially true in the Western world. Therefore, ninety percent of us, including everyone, are the result of unintended events. Nobody that I know had their pregnancy intentionally planned. We were all featured on the Saturday-night program. Together with everyone else, including myself, Julian is part of the group that constitutes the majority. The fact that Sean was intended to be a member of the family is what sets him apart. I have never stopped loving Julian, even when he was a youngster. He will always be my kid, regardless of whether he was born from a bottle of booze or because there were no medicines available back then. He is present, he is mine, and he will remain so even in the future.”

Julian has, as the years have swiftly passed, given brief remarks on the complexities and at times the agony that he experiences in his relationship with his father. Despite this, Julian has been able to build out a life for himself that is apart from the notoriety and suffering of his past.

Julian has, in point of fact, been cultivating his creative side, much as his own father has done, since music and visual art have been appealing to him ever since he was a little child. Even after his father passed away, people continue to draw comparisons between Julian’s finished artwork and the work of the iconic singer and composer.

In addition, it would seem that Julian is making efforts to repair the damage done to his relationships with Yoko and Sean. It would seem that Sean and Julian have taken the first steps toward developing a friendship. It is no longer unusual to see the couple’s names on press releases together or to see them in public appearances together. Julian made reference to his half-brother Sean in an interview that he gave to the BBC. He described Sean as a “clever youngster” and described Julian’s feelings toward him as a “lovable sibling.”

Both of the boys, as they become older, continue to make creative accomplishments that are distinct from the legacy that was established by their mother and father. Julian’s record, which was published in 2022 and named “Jude,” was a reference to John’s number one hit “Hey Jude.” The classic song from 1968 was composed as a consolation for young Julian after he saw the breakdown of his parents’ marriage, which had been deteriorating for some time.

In an interview with PEOPLE, the singer characterized the process of creating his album and coming to terms with his past as “very much contemplative,” which included “looking in the mirror carefully” and “trying to reach that place of serenity.” In addition to this, he said that he had “settled many problems way back when” with his renowned father.

Julian has even found a way to co-exist with the surviving members of the Beatles, whom he affectionately refers to as “uncle.” He has done this by finding a way to find common ground with them. In November of 2022, the singer happened to cross paths with McCartney, an old bandmate of his late father’s, and the two of them naturally took some photos together. Surprisingly, the two had stumbled into one other in the waiting area of an airport, and Julian referred to the encounter as “so, so nice.” Despite what has happened in the past, it is encouraging to see that Julian is able to have his own successful career in addition to the backing of these renowned artists.

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