Recently, Julia Roberts and George Clooney made a sensational comeback to the big screen in the film Ticket to Paradise, which was released not too long ago. They play divorced parents who conspire together in an effort to ruin the day when their daughter is getting married. Nevertheless, what led the actress from Ocean’s Eleven to collaborate with her former co-star on this romantic comedy?

Roberts and Clooney were gracious enough to talk openly about their experiences reuniting and working together on the film in an interview that was conducted exclusively for The AU Review. When asked what made her say “yes yes and yes” to working with George Clooney on Ticket to Paradise, Julia Roberts responded, “Just the chance to be really snarky to George jumped out at me.” Clooney and Roberts starred in the film Ticket to Paradise. “Just to watch him being so pitifully in love with me,” she said.

The two actors have known each other for a very long time and are close friends. (Just so you know, they met while working on the film in 2000 and have remained good friends ever since.) The Hollywood veterans spoke candidly about their friendship to People magazine in a prior interview. The pair’s bond spans 22 years.

“I believe that the things we appreciate are the same. Although we take great pride in our job, it is not our primary focus in life. It turns coming to work into a very enjoyable experience. Clooney stated that it was fairly simple for his team.

Roberts then said, “We share a similar perspective to life,” while continuing the conversation. She went on to say that later on in the conversation, “Our lives expand in these amazing ways.” We have never changed; we are still the same crazy nuts that we have always been.

And there is no other way that we would have it. The film Ticket to Paradise can now be seen in theaters across the country.

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