In the weeks that followed Brittney Griner’s protracted incarceration in Russia, many of her fans likened her to LeBron James, thinking that the United States would have found a way to bring her home regardless of how long she was held there. James is now sharing his thoughts on the current predicament.

James seems to lay the responsibility for what he perceives to be a poor attempt to release the Phoenix Mercury Center, which has been imprisoned since February, on the government in a trailer for a new episode of his HBO program The Shop. The new episode will air on April 1.

“How on earth can she think that the United States of America is suddenly on her side?” James is heard saying in the footage, “I’d be wondering, ‘Do I really want to go back to America?'”

At the beginning of this year, Griner was detained at an airport in Moscow on suspicion of bringing hashish oil into the nation via the use of vape cartridges. Griner, who is facing up to 10 years in a Russian jail, pleaded guilty to the accusation during a trial hearing last week. This decision, which some feel may assist speed up the process of getting Griner back home, was made during the trial hearing.

The statement was made by Griner’s agent on Twitter in June. It read, “Regardless of the legal proceedings, the negotiation for her immediate release should remain a top priority, and we expect @POTUS and @VP to do everything in their power, right now, to bring her home.” Griner was arrested in April of this year.

Colas stated that her arrest was a political move on Russia’s part, and in May, the United States government stated that Griner was being held “illegally,” which suggested that the United States would fight vigorously for her release. Griner was arrested in May. Colas stated that her arrest was a political move on Russia’s part.

In a letter that Griner had written by hand and sent to President Biden earlier this month, she conveyed her anxiety for her incarceration. She stated in her letter, “I’m scared I’ll be here in a Russian jail forever, alone with my emotions and without the safety of my wife, family, friends, Olympic shirt, or any achievements.” “I’m frightened I’ll be here in a Russian prison forever,” she said.

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