When Joanne Woodward first met Paul Newman, she did not have a very favorable impression of him. Despite this, they managed to find love with one another. They were married, but in order to focus on raising their children, Joanne had to give up her work. Joanne has now been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and is being cared for by her children.

When Joanne Newman first saw her husband, Paul Newman, she couldn’t help but feel contempt for him. On a scorching day in August, the two individuals got together at the office of their agency. Joanne said that despite the fact that she was wearing a dress and stockings, she felt as like she was nearly vanishing.

While everything was going on, the guy who was standing in front of her didn’t even seem to be sweating. She said that she had the impression that he was a model for an ice cream soda advertisement. And the first thing that sprang to her mind was, “Ick. That is just revolting!” But despite her initial disdain for the charming and ice-cream-soda-cool guy she met that day, she would eventually come to like him.

In 1953, Joanne and Paul were both cast members in a staging of the play “Picnic” on Broadway. There, they had the opportunity to get to know one another better, and Joanne quickly learned that Paul had a strong sense of humor and could make her laugh. Paul and Joanne became excellent friends as a result of their time spent together.

Joanne yearned for a companion who could make her laugh, and the more time she spent with Paul, the closer the two of them became in their relationship. As time went on, the two began to spend the majority of their time together. Both of them had similar characteristics, and they were devoted to their respective professions.

But despite the fact that they ended up getting along well, there was still one obstacle for them to surmount. At the period in question, Paul was already married to Jackie Witte, and the couple had two children together, namely Scott Newman and Susan Newman. Therefore, it was important for Paul and Joanne to maintain a cordial relationship for the time being.

However, the two started an affair in 1958, at the time when they appeared together in “The Long, Hot Summer.” Paul began the process of seeking a divorce as the production of the film grew closer and closer to being completed. After the completion of the movie, he and Jackie went their own ways.

The Happily Married Life of Paul and Joanne

Despite a rocky beginning to their marriage, Paul and Joanne were able to work things out and remain together. Because Westport was a more laid-back neighborhood, the couple made the decision to make their home there. They came to the conclusion that it would be much simpler to bring up children there rather than in the crowded areas of New York.

Elinor Teresa “Nell,” Melissa Stewart, and Claire Olivia “Clea” were all born to them as a result of their union in the years 1959, 1961, and 1965 respectively. They had made a serene existence for themselves in a barn that had been remodeled and was located on the banks of the Saugatuck River. They were able to provide a typical upbringing for their children in this environment.

They lived a life that was completely apart from the hectic, public schedules of other movie stars. They were able to go about their day without being bothered by photographers and journalists, and they were also able to guarantee that their girls had privacy. Their daughter Clea disclosed the following:

“They wanted for us to have a childhood that was as unremarkable as possible. They participated actively in the process. We attended regular schools, they assisted us with our schoolwork, and at night we shared a meal while debriefing one another on the events of the day.”

Nevertheless, there were certain imperfections in the simple existence that they had fashioned for themselves. Paul’s drinking issue led to a number of arguments between the two of them. On the other hand, Joanne was forced to take a hiatus from acting so that she could focus on raising her children. The mother of three soon found herself dissatisfied with the decisions she had made.

Despite this, Paul and Joanne were able to work out their differences in a satisfactory manner every time. Joanne had a tremendous amount of affection for her children. On the other hand, the actress said that if she had everything to do over again, she would choose between having a family or pursuing a career as an actor instead of attempting to accomplish both at the same time.

Always Expect Your Ice Cream Sodas to Melt.

Joanne and her husband had a long and fruitful marriage together. Because they faced challenges head-on rather than giving up when things became tough, they were able to maintain and even improve the quality of their marriage throughout the course of time. Paul offered some commentary on their contentions:

“Although Joanne and I have been involved in challenging and exhausting arguments, none of us has ever given up. I’ve been ready to leave a few times, only to discover that I had nowhere to go, at which point I turn around and come back within the next ten minutes.”

The strain that was placed on their relationship by Joanne’s resentment over the fact that she had to give up her work. Nevertheless, in spite of the challenging times and arguments, the couple resolved to continue working on making their marriage successful. Joanne did return to acting at some point, and at that time, the two of them worked together on over 16 different productions.

2007 was a difficult year for the pair, as they were hit with a slew of unfortunate events. Alzheimer’s disease was the first prognosis that was given to Joanne. After a few days had passed, Paul received the devastating news that he had terminal cancer. He died away in the year 2008, having reached the age of 83. Over the years, Joanne’s illness deteriorated, and a family source revealed the following:

“Joanne will sometimes mention that she was once married to a gorgeous man, but other than that, she won’t talk about it. She has no recollection whatsoever of the one and only love of her life.”

Melissa, Joanne’s daughter, has completely committed herself to taking care of her mother. In her advanced age, the Oscar winner needs round-the-clock care, and Melissa is there to provide it for her in the historic Westport family home. In addition, there is a group of medical professionals who provide assistance to Melissa in caring for her mother and who keep the other children informed.

The memory of the famous actress is rapidly deteriorating as she gets older. She has a hazy recollection of her spouse, and she has almost no recollection of her children either. Clea, however, had a clear recollection of the bond that existed between her parents. She went on to say that they were a very traditional couple and gave an example of how they held hands.

A therapy for Alzheimer’s disease was attempted by the family at the Adler Geriatric Assessment Center at Yale University; nevertheless, the results were disappointing. The children came to the conclusion that it would be best for Joanne to spend her last days at home, where her caregivers could provide her with the best possible care.

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