Although Diane Keaton is often regarded as the spiritual godmother of the coastal grandma aesthetic, Gwyneth Paltrow has demonstrated that she is more than capable of carrying it forward in her own right. The founder of Goop is wearing hefty gold jewelry and a belted pullover on top, loose-fitting black Bermuda shorts, and black leather Birkenstocks on the bottom. Each individual item, with the exception of the Birkenstocks, appears to have a price tag that is likely higher than that of a house. It is not a late-night program that is the best setting for this look; rather, it is an old mansion in Maine that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

Then again, a subdued color palette is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the coastal grandmother (CG) aesthetic, in addition to loose fits and luxury fabrics; nevertheless, Paltrow has abandoned this characteristic in favor of a vivid cherry red. The aesthetic of a seaside great-aunt, let’s call that then.

To pull a prank at the home of the Terminator requires a certain level of audacity, and as a result, Gwyneth Paltrow has earned some of my respect for her decision. But what’s even more essential is that she has motivated me to start shopping in my own grandmother’s closet for chic cardigans and shorts with plenty of room to move around in. I will be coming back.

By Anna

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