With her haute couture Halloween ensemble, Kylie Jenner has surpassed even her own standards.

The fashion icon, who is well-known for her extensive collection of costumes based on various pop culture references, commemorated the Halloween weekend by publishing an opulent photograph that focused on her Bride of Frankenstein outfit. Jenner wore a one-of-a-kind Jean Paul Gaultier couture gown designed by Glenn Martens as a way to pay respect to the film that was released in 1935. Her excellent makeup reproduction was also on display.

The garment has a figure-hugging form, long sleeves, and a high neckline that is straight across. Additionally, the semi-sheer bodice is covered in dozens of fabric strips that are threaded through grommets that run the length of the dress. The high-end fashion brand also produced fabric-covered heels and white gloves that matched each other.

The founder of Kylie Cosmetics completed the look with a sophisticated take on the traditional Bride of Frankenstein makeup, which included lengthened eyebrows with pointed ends and black lips. She also wore her hair in a high-curled bouffant and added two white streaks along either side of her head.

During the session where she was photographed in black and white, she wore a number of different costumes, including a couture gown. In addition, the actress wore a flowing white gown that was reminiscent of the bridal outfit from the first film, complete with opera gloves designed in the form of a nude mummy. A more detailed view of the traditional outfit revealed two dark stitches that appeared to be “holding” her head to the rest of her neck.

Jenner also slipped into a seductive two-piece dress, which consisted of a strapless tube top and attached opera gloves that were designed to give the impression that they were unraveling white bandages. In addition to posing bottomless in a spooky picture in which she is seen wielding a large knife while screaming, she wore the top with a black maxi-length skirt that was tied at the hip. This was done in conjunction with the bottomless pose.

She concluded the series of photos with a behind-the-scenes video from the fashion shoot, which she scored with the horror remix of “I Got 5 On It,” which was included in the film Us directed by Jordan Peele. This gave the video an appropriately eerie atmosphere.

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