Drew Barrymore claims that when she was 7 years old and starred in the blockbuster film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, she believed that the extraterrestrial that played her co-star in the film was genuine.

In a sneak peek of the episode of her talk show series with the same name that will air on Monday, Drew Barrymore, who is now 47 years old, says that she would talk to and care for the animatronic puppet that depicted her out-of-this-world co-star.

“By this point,” she remarked during a discussion that also included her former co-stars Henry Thomas, Robert MacNaughton, and Dee Wallace, “I thought that E.T. was real.”

“I loved him in a way that was so deep and meaningful. Is it true that… in such case, what would take place?” She then inquired about the three of them, remembering to say, “Because I would go and carry lunch to him.”

In the movie, which was released in 1982, Barrymore plays the role of Gertie, a little girl who is initially afraid of the alien but grows to love him over the course of the story. In the film, Thomas, who is now 51 years old, portrayed Barrymore’s brother Elliot.

Throughout the course of the movie, the children stealthily transport E.T. into their family’s home located in a suburban area of California. However, things take an exciting turn for the children when the government discovers their plan and attempts to remove the alien.

Thomas told Barrymore and his co-stars that the first thing he remembered from the filming was the young actress asking “the wardrobe lady” if she might have a scarf for E.T.’s neck “because he was going to get cold.” This was the first thing Thomas remembered from the movie.

In the meantime, Wallace, who is 73 years old and played the family patriarch, recounted another story about young Barrymore and her friend who worked on the set.

She recalled, “We saw you over there just talking away to E.T. and so we let director Steven [Spielberg] know,” “We discovered you over there just talking away to E.T.” “And so, from that time on, Steven designated two individuals to keep E.T. alive so that if you came over to talk to him, he could react to you,” the narrative continues. “And so, E.T.

During their get-together, the cast also addressed the idea of a sequel, about which Thomas stated it would be difficult to think about doing without Melissa Mathison, who created the original screenplay and passed away in 2015. Melissa Mathison passed away in 2015.

He remarked that she was “truly the heart and soul of it,” and Wallace agreed with him, adding that “It’s a classic, leave it a classic.”

In response, Barrymore stated that she recalled hearing Spielberg, who is now 75 years old, vow that he would “never” develop a sequel to E.T.

She told her co-stars, “And at that moment I thought, ‘Oh that’s a bummer because that doesn’t bring us all back together again for another round.’ But I also understood, respected, and completely knew that it was all about preservation of integrity for him.” “And at that moment I thought, ‘Oh that’s a bummer because that doesn’t bring us all back together again for another round.'”

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the film “E.T.,” which holds special significance for the talk show host because her girls are roughly the same age as she was when the movie was first released. The actress has acknowledged that she is having difficulties understanding how synchronistic everything is, and Barrymore stated that Spielberg had pointed out the coincidence to her.

She shared this information in February, saying, “So he’s like, ‘We’re not missing this moment with your kids.'” “I’m like, ‘Okay. You have a valid point. There is no way. You have a valid point.’ This is incredibly touching and brings everything full circle. When the movie “E.T.” came out, my kids were almost exactly the same age as I was. In point of fact, Frankie has reached the age. She is 7, and her next birthday will make her turn 8; Olive is 9 years old. This year, she’ll be ten years old. I am currently located here, and everyone here adores Steven.”

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