An old exotic dancer, aged 88, recently stunned the group of judges and the audience with a “unpredictable” performance over the course of an audition. Penny, who has the reputation of being the oldest burlesque dancer in the United States, is a performer who should be preserved for future generations.

Penny Starr Sr. was a native of the city of Palm Bay in the state of Florida. She had walked into the AGT stage wearing feathers in the colors red, white, and blue. The charming senior made the declaration that he wanted to offer America a true performance, one that got up and went.

When Simon inquired as to whether or not Penny was married, Penny’s response was that she was a widow and had six husbands. The powerful media magnate confronted the lady and inquired about her feelings over the possibility of entering into a seventh marriage. She remarked that although they are comfortable, it does take some time to break them in.

Penny kicked up her performance with the song “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” which embodied the spirit of the rest of the show. The elderly woman made the decision to take off each of her clothing one at a time, much to the delight of the panel of judges. Confetti in the colors red, white, and blue was scattered all over the stage by the presenter, Terry Crews, as a way to memorialize the performance.

A standing ovation was given to the 88-year-old candidate by Sofia Vergara, who also remarked, “Penny, I want to be you when I get older.” Heidi Klum, a former model for Victoria’s Secret, showed her support for Penny.

The majority of Simon’s attention was drawn to the senior dancer’s attitude, and as a result, he began to flirt with her. After that, however, he challenged Penny with a question that would decide whether or not she would take part in The Amazing Race. If you took a step forward, would more of your garments come off? The media tycoon asked the participant several questions. The older student who was quite passionate said that she would without a doubt accomplish what was asked of her.

I want to know more about it! At this time, the judge, Howie Mandel, screamed something out. Penny earned a total of four affirmative votes. The judges of America’s Got Talent had to narrow the field down to only 54 acts out of a total of 138 contenders for the next round. As a result, the burlesque dancer’s journey on America’s Got Talent came to an end.

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