Trying not to weep while watching this video is quite difficult. Lyrically, the story of the young woman who became aware of the manner in which her father had dealt with her mother is portrayed in the song titled “Like My Father.” He has done all that needs to be done in order to love properly in this circumstance.

The unique sound of Cara Hendriks’s voice flits over and beneath each note in this song, which is about telling tales. She is able to easily reach the upper notes while maintaining a beautiful whistling quality and a roughness.

While Cara is performing, the judges give her a great deal of attention. At the very conclusion of her performance, two judges communicate with one another via mimicry before turning in their seats.

Cara displays her joy throughout the whole of the song, culminating in an elegant grin as she gently brings it to a finish. The applause from the crowd is quite fervent, and Cara’s loved ones are overjoyed backstage.

When asked by the judges to explain the thought process behind the song choice, Cara talks about her own father and the amount of affection he has always had for her mother. She asserts that the only guy she wants to marry is one who is very much like him. While the crowd emotes with “awws,” the judges compliment her on having a “wise old soul.”

Cara has a magnificent and one-of-a-kind voice, and the way she feels for her parents is even more extraordinary. I wish this adorable teenager success in all she does in the years to come.

By Elen

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