Anitta, a popular musician from Brazil, is not hesitant about discussing the fact that she has had cosmetic surgery. In point of fact, she adores her new appearance.

During an interview for the cover story of the Innovator Issue of the Wall Street Journal in November, Anitta said of her surgery, “It has nothing to do with me not being pleased with myself.” “It’s like I’m getting a new haircut for myself. I still like the process, even if the end result isn’t what I hoped for or very excellent. I like feeling the adrenaline rush.”

The Innovator Issue and Awards have been given out for a total of eleven years, and throughout that time they have honored the most breakthrough visionaries of the past year as well as the cultural influence that they have had in a range of entertainment fields.

The singer of “Envolver,” who is 29 years old, discussed her rhinoplasty, jaw-shaping operations, and breast augmentations in an open and honest manner with the magazine. She first touched on these topics in her Netflix documentary titled Vai Anitta. There, she spoke openly about her decision to get cosmetic surgery, which she acknowledged was a taboo subject in her own country.

Later on, Anitta revealed to Nylon that she had “hundreds” of cosmetic operations, demonstrating that she is not one to shy away from altering her appearance in order to get the look that she desires. In spite of this, she has not had any surgeries to eradicate cellulite, which is something that her supporters applaud her for doing.

Anitta’s body was one of several that appeared in the music video for “Vai Malandra,” which was released by the artist in 2017. She didn’t edit herself in the final product, which, she told Nylon, led to people informing her that they felt more confident in their own bodies as a result of hearing her voice unaltered in the recording.

This week, Anitta was given the title of 2022 Music Innovator by WSJ. Magazine. This honor was conferred upon her as she erupts into the music scene in the United States, defying the expectations that were set for her in her own country.

Anitta told WSJ Magazine that she had to overcome obstacles since a so-called support structure didn’t anticipate that she would be successful outside of Brazil. This was despite the fact that she was already successful in Brazil.

“Well, you can attempt to go worldwide, but that’s impossible.” Nobody has ever succeeded, Carmen Miranda was the last one who came close “— I quote her. “Impossible? The very mention of this term makes me want to give it my all.”

Anitta spent a lot of time perfecting both her English and her Spanish, and she went to a lot of different places to raise her profile and get her name out there. She eventually uprooted her life and went to Miami in an effort to completely penetrate the American market. This was her first time performing at Coachella as a solo artist, and she made history by becoming the first Brazilian female to do so.

“Hello, people of the globe, and welcome to Brazil! This is the land of my birth “After the concert in April, Anitta posted on Instagram her thoughts about the performance. “Just want to offer many many many thanks.”

Anitta exuded Brazilian vitality and culture in every aspect, from the setting to the several clothing changes she made. Her first outfit was a two-piece ensemble that was green, yellow, and blue in hue, and she paired it with yellow boots and sunglasses (all colors of the Brazilian flag).

Regarding the stage, the backdrop was designed to seem like the outside of homes seen in the Brazilian slums known as favelas. The singer known as “Envolver” said in a post that Joe Rohde and Kley Tarcitano, both members of her team, were the ones who made it feasible for her to perform “Favela on stage.” The set was designed to give the impression that the audience was really present in a slum, complete with elements such as dangling cables and clotheslines.

Hits spanning her whole career were included on her setlist, including those from her most recent album, which was titled Versions of Me in three languages. It is her sixth album, however she has previously released material in many languages. But even if Anitta’s career as a singer is taking off in a big way right now, it’s not something she plans to pursue for the rest of her life.

Regarding whether or not she will continue her career as a musician, she told WSJ Magazine, “Hell no.” Instead, she plans to leave her current job in another five or six years so that she may pursue a career in acting.

“It would be futile for me to continue pushing myself to achieve things that won’t get me any closer to fulfilling my new aspirations. I have already accomplished what was thought to be impossible, “she remarked of her goal of becoming a musician with a reputation on a global scale. “What is more important than becoming number one?”

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