The ideal pick for Father’s Day is the heartfelt song “Papa What If” by country musician Rory Feek and his kid Indiana.

We are positive that Joey Feek must be beaming from above given how wonderfully Indiana or Indy has done. This movie is one of our favorites since it depicts a father and daughter duo making amazing experiences.

Rory Lee Feek was a member of Joey + Rory, one of the best country music duos. Rory and Joey were a married pair who had a profound influence on their audience thanks to their unwavering Christian convictions and exceptional talent. Their love was genuine “’til death makes us part” when Joey died of cervical cancer at the end of their relationship.

Rory, who is presently parenting his daughter Indy alone despite Joey having gone away to glory and being with her devoted Savior in Heaven, said in an interview that “he still feels married” despite this.

When we listen to the touching Father’s Day song “Papa What If,” we can feel the love that Indy has for her father, and we can see how much she looks up to him in the music video below!

By Elen

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