When an older sibling in the family has a new baby in the home, there is a good chance that one or more of the older children in the family may exhibit jealous behavior.

And despite the fact that such innocent feelings may at times be extremely endearing, the video that Ali Retelle, a parent, published on YouTube of her son seeing his newborn daughter for the first time is something totally different.

The scene in which a little boy is shown holding his smaller sister in his arms is undeniably one of the most touching and endearing parts of the film.

When he finally lifted his head, his parents saw that he had been weeping, and they couldn’t stop gazing at her adorable face as she made little movements with her arms. They realized that he had been crying when he ultimately raised his head.

The young guy, who seemed to be overpowered by all of the sentiments of excitement, love, and surprise that he was experiencing, was unable to hold back his tears as he treasured the fact that his sister existed. He looked to be overcome by all of the emotions that he was experiencing.

After that, the mother told her son, “You are free to say anything you want to her.”

On the other hand, it seemed as if the youngster lacked the vocabulary to fully communicate the range of feelings that he was going through.

As a consequence of this, all that he did was offer his sister a kind smile and a bear hug.

By Elen

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