When there is a remarkable occurrence that is connected to a subject, people have a tendency to become more interested in the issue.

Therefore, it would seem that when a woman gives birth to several infants at the same time, the event receives greater attention.
As a consequence of this, it really should not have come as a surprise that the astonishing tale of Gosiame Thamara Sithole became viral and spread like wildfire throughout the whole summer of 2021.

But when the authorities investigated more into the unbelievable account, they found out that something wasn’t right, they discovered that something wasn’t right. And when it was eventually disclosed to the general public, it sparked a debate that has continued right up to the current day…

In June of 2021, a lady with the name Gosiame Thamara Sithole, who was 37 years old at the time, gave birth to 10 children at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in South Africa. The local news site made the announcement, and they did so by using their largest drum to do so.

According to the writer Piet Rampedi, who wrote the first report on Gosiame, the decuplets were delivered on June 7 of that year.

Gosiame Thamara Sithole reportedly broke the record for the Guinness World Record for the most infants delivered in a single birth, according to Pretoria News. Both Ms. Sithole and her lover Teboho from from a working-class neighborhood in the Gauteng region of South Africa, which is located near to Johannesburg. They were taken aback when they found out she was carrying “just” eight kids after undergoing testing, which indicated that she was pregnant.

It should not come as a surprise that the event was covered by various media outlets and attracted attention all around the globe. The astonishing tale wowed a great number of people since decuplets are not a topic that is encountered on a daily basis in the news.

When reading about the “Tembisa 10,” also known as Gosiame’s children, it is simple to get engrossed in the subject matter. The first version of the article, which was published in the year 1898 by the Pretoria News newspaper, was quite specific. Everything seemed to be in working condition. According to the article, Gosiame conducted a Caesarean section in order to deliver eight children—seven males and three girls. In addition to this, it said that she did not make use of any reproductive procedures in order to achieve pregnancy.

“The news of my pregnancy has taken me by surprise. At first, it was quite challenging. I had the flu. It was difficult for me to do. Although I’m starting to grow used to it, it’s still a challenge for me. Despite the fact that the anguish is no longer there, it is nevertheless challenging. Sithole told Pretoria News in June 2021, “I simply beg God to help me deliver each of my children in good health and for all my children and I to survive the birth.”

You are not the only one who is thinking that it sounds too wonderful to be true; but, the fact of the matter is that it was. To some degree. It should not come as a surprise that it has gone viral and that it has gained a great lot of attention and publicity all across the world. According to the BBC, the couple has been generously supported financially by a number of individuals as well as organizations to the tune of seventy thousand dollars.

There was just one problem, and that was the fact that the incredible narrative wasn’t really true; this was the only problem.

According to the authorities, there was no such thing as the decuplets.

When the news of the “Tembisa 10” originally broke, Pretoria News initially didn’t identify the hospital where the kids were alleged to have been delivered. As a result, many were skeptical, and the provincial government of Gauteng decided to investigate the subject.

In a statement issued on June 25, the provincial government of Gauteng said that they had conducted “a comprehensive review with all hospitals in the province to find out whether claims were accurate or not.”

They came to the conclusion that “not a single one of the province’s hospitals, whether public or private, had any records of such births at their facilities.” The investigation that was carried out by the authorities unearthed a lot of troubling details as well.

For instance, the South African lady, who was 37 years old, had not even become pregnant once in her whole life. Sithole was taken to the hospital after being located by social services, where it was determined that she had not recently been pregnant by any means.

The government of the province of Gauteng made the following statement: “It has now been shown by medical professionals that Ms. Sithole has not given birth to any infants in the previous years.” Furthermore, it has been shown that she has not been pregnant in the recent past.

This wacky tale has taken numerous turns that nobody could have predicted, but it’s safe to say that nobody who’s been engaged in it has come out on top.

Unfortunately, “news” such as this has a tendency to spread quickly, and this incident highlights once again how important it is for us as members of the public to evaluate such situations with some degree of skepticism.

Having said all of that, we would want to extend our best wishes to Ms. Sithole and express our hope that she will be able to get the support that she needs.

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