Is Taylor Swift trying to let us know about her upcoming re-recording with her most recent fashion accessory? Following her most recent appearance in New York City, her devoted followers are likely to be thinking that.

On October 17, the singer best known for her hit “Karma” was seen on camera out on a stroll in New York City with her lover Joe Alwyn, just days before the release of her album Midnights.

Swift, who is 32 years old, was seen smiling next to Alwyn, who is 31 years old and was wearing a long-sleeved green sweater, blue trousers, and spectacles. Swift wore a plaid skirt, black tights, and a long black sweater.

During their trip, Taylor Swift also brought a Tremont Leather Cross Body Bag by Ralph Lauren. Some Swifties have hypothesized that this bag may be a possible Easter egg regarding her upcoming re-recording, and this theory has been supported by evidence.

According to the fan-run fashion site Taylor Swift Style, the handbag is one of the “oldest in [Swift’s] line and made its debut back in October 2010,” which is the same month that Swift published Speak Now. In addition, Swift’s admirers have pointed out that her dress, particularly her gray tights, bore a remarkable similarity to looks she wore during the time she was promoting her album Speak Now.

Swift has just lately revealed through social media the release week itinerary for Midnights. This schedule includes the launch of the album at midnight on Friday, followed by a “special highly chaotic surprise” at three in the morning Eastern Standard Time. Since then, followers have speculated on TikTok about what the “surprise” may be. Some of the ideas that have been proposed include the possibility of a double album, the release of a documentary, or an announcement of her next re-recording.

Fans have been speculating that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) and Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) are going to be published in the near future since Taylor Swift launched stuff on her website during the summer that was based around 1989 and Speak Now.

Later on, though, she managed to take her audience by storm when she revealed that she would be releasing her tenth studio album, titled Midnights, during her victory speech at the MTV Video Music Awards that August.

Although Taylor Swift is most known for hiding elaborate Easter eggs in her music videos and lyrics, the singer has also been known to hint to new songs via the apparel she wears.

She had previously said to Entertainment Weekly, before to the release of her Lover album, that Easter eggs might be put on items of apparel or jewelry.

“This is one of my favorite ways to do this because you wear something that hints at something else, and people don’t usually really find out this one immediately, but they know you’re probably sending a message. Although they don’t know exactly what you’re trying to say, they know you’re probably trying to say something. They will eventually understand what’s going on.”

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