I just lost it when her father walked out to embrace her and give her a hug.

Amanda Mammana, who is originally from Connecticut, appeared on the stage of America’s Got Skill with the same goal in mind as every other contestant: to demonstrate her talent.

The one and only difference is that Amanda has difficulty communicating verbally.

It becomes very obvious during her discussion with the judge Howie Mandel before to her audition.

Howie begins the conversation with the standard questions, and Amanda takes a moment before responding. After then, she begins to speak.

Mammana explained to the four judges that she had a speech impediment by saying, “As you can surely see, I have a bit of a speech impediment.”

The author said, “I discovered that I do not stammer when I sing,” but “it was certainly something that prompted me to shrink away and conceal.”

That’s an interesting take on things!

The young singer-songwriter, who is just 19 years old, made the incredible decision to play one of her own original songs at the concert.

Everyone in the room, including the audience and the other four judges, was listening very carefully to find out what Amanda had in store for them.

She says that her song is about “tough situations,” and that even if she had the ability to go back in time and change those things, she wouldn’t since “they created me, me.”

As he stands backstage with the presenter Terry Crews, the woman’s father is extremely disturbed and openly anxious about the woman’s well-being.
Prior to beginning to sing, Amanda begins to play guitar chords and strumming on stage.

Those were the remarks that caused everyone to break down into tears.

But what if there was a way for me to go back in time and alter the way I felt about my life?

But if that were to occur, would I still have all of the things that had brought me to life? she sung.

Amanda went from being a little kid with a speech handicap to a fascinating singer-songwriter who had the judges and the audience hanging on every word she sang. She had them hanging on every word she sang.

After that, Simon Cowell said, “You talked to us quite honestly about the difficulties you have with your speech.” Auditioning may be nerve-wracking even when you don’t have a condition like that, but you performed really well. You not only have a beautiful and unadulterated voice, but you are also a gifted composer and an all-around good person. I’m thrilled that you took the time to visit.

In response, Simon gives her the first “yes,” and the other three individuals concur with his decision.

We are really excited to see more of Amanda in the future. Look how she captivated the audience in the video below!

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