The five years that Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams have spent loving one other are being celebrated.

The actress, who is 31 years old, and the Bachelor in Paradise bartender, who is 38 years old, celebrated the five-year dating anniversary of their relationship over the weekend by posting a photo on Instagram together that was a flashback photo from their wedding day.

“5 years of saying “I love you” to each other today Baby, I hope you have a wonderful half a decade! “The pair wrote the description for the picture, which depicts them sharing a kiss after sunset.

Adams made a snide remark about how he was holding Hyland in the shot by writing “on butt” in the comment box. This was a reference to the fact that the photograph was posted online.

In a subsequent tweet, Adams disclosed the news that he and the former cast member of Modern Family are now away on their honeymoon. He captioned the picture of himself lounging by a swimming pool at a resort in the Maldives with the phrase “Honeymoon Happy.”

Hyland and Adams engaged in their first online courtship encounter on Twitter in 2016, but they did not start dating until the autumn of 2017. (Adams said in a subsequent interview that he first connected with Hyland on social media.

Before they became together, Hyland had made no secret of the fact that she had a crush on him when he was competing for JoJo Fletcher’s affections on season 12 of The Bachelorette in 2016. The episode in question took place in 2016.

After nearly two years of dating, Adams finally popped the question to Hyland in the summer of 2019. The wedding was supposed to take place in August of 2020, but the pair had to postpone it numerous times because of fears of COVID-19 in the midst of the epidemic.

After being engaged for three years, Hyland and Adams finally tied the knot on August 20, 2017, at an outdoor ceremony held at Sunstone Winery close to Santa Barbara, California. This marked the beginning of their new life together as newlyweds.

Vergara, who is now 50 years old, shared her thoughts with PEOPLE a few days after the reunion, saying, “It was great having a tiny Modern Family reunion with so much of the cast being there.”

She went on to claim that the cast had “just completed shooting the play two weeks before the epidemic started,” and that they “haven’t been able to see each other since then, so this was very great.” She said that the pandemic had begun two weeks after the production had “finished filming.”

Vergara continued by saying, “Getting to spend her special day with her and with everyone was just a fantastic experience.”

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