Brittany Mahomes enjoys spending time with her daughter watching games whenever she can.

At the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, the founder of the Kansas City Current, who is 27 years old and pregnant, and her daughter Sterling Skye, who is 19 months old, showed their support for Patrick Mahomes at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

While they were watching the game, the mother and daughter combo struck an endearing stance while wearing identical clothing. Sterling wore a garment that was harvest yellow with glossy black leggings, frilly socks, and red and white Nike shoes. This outfit was quite similar to the one that Brittany wore, which consisted of a black tank top and a harvest yellow cardigan, along with leggings and footwear that were identical.

She captioned the collection of images she sent on Instagram with the hashtag “mytwingirlgochiefs.”

Also posing on the sidelines, Brittany displayed her most recent pregnancy outfit, which is a pattern that she has maintained throughout the whole season.

The mother and daughter pair wore identical red outfits to another Sunday game that they went to together a month ago. Sterling’s dress included a cute tulle skirt and a matching bow to go along with it. Both Brittany and Sterling carried identical handbags, however, Brittany’s was bright yellow and Sterling’s was a red miniature replica of the same bag.

A little film was also included in the exhibition, which showed Patrick going up to the two of them and being shocked to meet his young child. Before rushing back into the field, he first planted a kiss on Sterling, and then on Brittany.

Brittany posted a carousel of photographs from the evening on Instagram with a comment that said, “Ster girl stayed up past her bedtime to surprise her Daddy!! Her first time on the field to see him.”

In an old video that Brittany posted over the weekend, the soon-to-be mother of two was seen going through her gym regimen as her toddler son Sterling played nearby. A month ago, Brittany was the first to post some footage from her maternity workouts and discuss how she maintains her fitness while she is pregnant.

She stated in the caption of the photo that she posted on Instagram, “Working out when pregnant, extremely essential but very hard. We all have our own paths, so don’t find yourself comparing yours to that of someone else.”

Brittany emphasized her appreciation for her time spent at the gym by stating, “at this stage in my life, I consider it a blessing to be able to get in a workout a couple of days a week.”

“But even if you can’t get into the gym, you can still be active outdoors and in your regular life!! So I’m just here to urge you to be active today,” she said. “Just because you can’t get into the gym doesn’t mean you can’t be active.” “BUT, whatever it is that you are doing, whether you are pregnant or not, whether you are a mother or not, YOU ARE AMAZING! Keep going and know that you are enough.”

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