You’ve probably seen films of parents and kids reuniting after being apart for a time, but this is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Ken Stahl is a man of the military, having served as a private in the national guard in places like Syria, Iraq, and Kuwait.

Kenneth was returning home from an 11-month deployment early to give his parents the shock of their life by telling them that he had been admitted to Fairmont State University.

A close buddy of Kenneth’s caught the whole thing on camera.

Kenneth is waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell his parents he is hidden in the police vehicle ahead of them. A police cruiser flags down Kenneth’s parents in the car in front of them, and they safely pull over to the side of the road, where there is a grassy median.

It’s understandable that after being stopped by the police, Kenneth’s parents would be feeling apprehensive.

Two police officers exit their vehicles and go up to Nancy and Richard Stahl. Nancy had assumed they had been pulled up for speeding, but the police had allegedly informed them that their vehicle was involved in a narcotics deal and they needed to leave immediately.

In the midst of the interaction between the police and Kenneth’s parents, another officer exits the police vehicle. He circles the vehicle and waits in the trunk.

The actual cause for Nancy and Richard’s police stop is revealed when they finally approach the police vehicle.

As the rear door of the police vehicle swings open, Richard is left speechless by the sight of his son in full military dress standing before him.

After that, Nancy starts screaming with joy and runs over to give Kenneth a bear hug.

It’s a touching moment, and we hope it allows Kenneth’s parents to forgive him for making them fear they were in legal trouble.

So overjoyed is Nancy that she can’t resist giving her kid one more bear hug as Richard removes his spectacles. Of course, no matter how old your kid is, there’s nothing quite like holding them in your arms for the first time.

Some people remarked on the cleverness of the prank that Kenneth had pulled on his parents, while others found it to be a little extreme. Would you forgive your child if he or she tricked you into thinking you were in legal trouble so that you might have a memorable reunification with them?

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