When you were younger, you most likely played some practical jokes on your younger siblings, classmates, and maybe even your parents. It is wonderful to witness the look on the face of someone when they discover they have been pranked, which is why it is not unexpected that our love of pranks and curiosity have persisted into adulthood. On the other hand, it’s possible that the vast majority of your practical jokes haven’t been as elaborate as this one, which was played on comedian Howie Mandel in the year 2015.

Many of the most popular channels on YouTube got their start as prank channels. PrankvsPrank, ImprovEverywhere, and Roman Atwood in particular have garnered a lot of attention due to their incredible ability to pull pranks on others who are in their immediate vicinity. However, these shows are about more than just making jokes for people to laugh at.

Roman Atwood, who has more than 15 million followers, intended to perform one of his famous practical pranks, but he had a specific target in mind: Howie Mandel, the comedian!

Roman is well known for his sneaky and devious maneuvers. He got much of his notoriety by deceiving his wife, Brittney, into thinking that they needed to convert their whole living room into a playroom for their children by filling the room with tens of thousands of plastic toy balls. He did this to win the attention of his children. Even his grandparents and his own parents aren’t safe from his jokes and practical jokes. But in 2015, when he found out that he was connected to Howie Mandel, he took the choice to make the person who was the subject of his scams into a well-known celebrity.

Roman nonetheless managed to play the ultimate prank on the dumb and stupid comic, Howie, despite the fact that Howie lived in a gated enclave. They worked hard to refurbish Howie Mandel’s house in Los Angeles with help from his wife, other YouTube friends, and even Howie Mandel’s kid.

The team was successful in applying toilet paper to the walls and roof of the enormous mansion, but it took them two full hours to complete the task. How many rolls were required until they were able to achieve their goals? 4,000! The transformation of the gorgeous home into a toilet paper mansion using an excessive quantity of toilet paper is a sight to see and it is fantastic to watch it happen.

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