I really enjoy this because Simon has the most amazing face expressions in it.

Who could have anticipated that Simon Cowell would perform on a program for which he is so well-known?

That comes very close to that. See, a company known as Metaphysic collaborated with Daniel Emmet, who previously competed on “America’s Got Talent.”

The crew came up with a clever parody of Simon Cowell performing the classic Chicago song “You’re the Inspiration.”

Emmet was asked to come up on stage, and while he was there, he posed for a unique camera.

Behind him, his image was shown on a massive screen in the background.

It was as if Cowell’s head had been transplanted into Emmet’s body, and he was the one singing the song.

You may hear the wonderful singing of “Simon” by hitting the play button down below!

Watch this video below, kindly let your family and friends  know about this.

By Elen

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