Teresa Giudice is coming out in response to Vicki Gunvalson’s selection of her as the Real Housewives star who is most overrated.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey actress, who is 50 years old and attended BravoCon 2022 on Saturday, shared an exclusive interview with PEOPLE in which she said that she believes the stars of the Bravo franchise should be supportive of one another.

She said, in reaction to Vicki’s remark, “My answer is that we’re all Housewives.” “And everyone of us need to be boosting each other up and refraining from saying anything unpleasant about the others,”

The reality star continued by saying that she won’t let any negative energy deter her from maintaining a good frame of mind.

“If someone is attempting to place a dark cloud over your head, you need to nibble away at the cloud and make the sun come out…

I have nothing to do with it, “Additionally, she said.

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum, 60, reacted to a question posed by a fan on Friday at the “Right the Relationship” panel at BravoCon 2022. The question posed by the fan inquired as to which cast member from the iconic Bravo program was the most overrated.

Vicki responded by saying, “I’m going to say Teresa Giudice.” “It’s not that I don’t like Teresa; it’s simply that I can’t get my head around the fact that she continues to host a TV program after committing a crime that landed her in prison. I simply can’t believe it.”

Vicki said that she has had a particularly difficult time comprehending Teresa’s popularity in light of the many legal problems that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has had.

“I mean, she just continues generating more money, more money, and more money, and it’s very difficult for me to comprehend how she does it. I admire her, but I don’t grasp it, “She was generous. “Due to the fact that I am a fan of Desperate Housewives, I did, in fact, cast my vote for her on Dancing with the Stars. Even though I admire her, I believe her reputation is exaggeratedly high. It’s quite a bit.”

Teresa also gave an interview to PEOPLE, in which she discussed the forthcoming season of RHONJ and what viewers may anticipate from it.

“It was a difficult time of year for me,” she said. “It’s going to crush your heart, but it’s going to turn out well in the end.”

She went on to say, “This season there are a lot of things that open my eyes, like very wide open.” Because of this, I want to direct my attention on my family, particularly my spouse and my children. This is what I value the most.

Teresa Giudice spoke on a different panel at BravoCon on Friday and shared the story of how she was sentenced to 11 months in prison for fraud charges related to her ex-husband Joe Giudice’s involvement in a bankruptcy fraud scheme.

Teresa, who has claimed that she did not know about Joe’s fraud, expressed her opinions on her time spent in prison and the reasons why she believes things might have gone differently if she hadn’t been on the Bravo program. Teresa has maintained that she did not know about Joe’s fraud.

“My situation was used as an example. What exactly is the proverb? The evil always comes along with the good. That is to say, as a result of the fact that I was on television; if I had been a typical housewife, I most likely would not have been arrested “explained Teresa.

The reality personality said that she had not anticipated being found guilty of the crime. “Joe was explaining to them that she was innocent and had nothing to do with the situation. He said to me, “Damn, they want you more than they want me!” in response to this statement. Additionally, he was the one who carried it out.”

After 20 years of marriage, Teresa and her now-ex-husband Joe, who is 50 years old, formalized their divorce in the year 2020. Following his conviction for fraud, Joe was had to leave the United States and is currently residing in the Bahamas. Joe is originally from Italy. They have four kids together: Audriana is 13 years old, Milania is 16 years old, Gabriella is 18 years old, and Gia is 21 years old. In August of 2022, Teresa and Luis Ruelas exchanged vows in a ceremony of remarriage.

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