When Coco Austin, the wife of rapper and “Law & Order: SVU” star Ice-T, made the revelation to her followers in March 2020 that she is still breastfeeding her kid, many people were not particularly supportive of her decision. Austin received criticism despite the fact that Chanel was only approximately 4 years old when she breastfed, despite the fact that the majority of people did not object to Austin nursing Chanel. The fact that Chanel is now 5 years old has opened Austin up to further criticism about her decision to continue breastfeeding her kid. A number of Chanel’s fans are appalled by her behavior, while others continue to show their support for her.

In an interview, Austin made the assertion that the reason she continues to give Chanel food is because she has pleasure in doing so and does not want to just say “no.” The discussion centered on basic dos and don’ts of parenting, but the most of the attention from readers was directed around Austin’s choice to continue nursing. In spite of the fact that Austin and Ice-daughter T’s Chanel is fed a balanced diet and is also breastfed, a great number of individuals have expressed their disapproval of Austin and Ice-approach T’s to parenting on the internet.

Some women continue to nurse their children until they are five or six years old, which is regarded very typical in many countries even though the majority of mothers cease breastfeeding their children around the age of two when the kid reaches this milestone. However, this year Austin is being subjected to the same criticism she had last year for the fact that she has not stopped nursing. Ice-T has, once again, come out in support of his wife in the middle of the ruckus that has been going on.

Continue reading to learn more about the controversy surrounding nursing among fans, as well as how Ice-T weighed in to support his wife’s choice to nurse their child, Chanel, and how he did so.

Fast forward to 2015, more than a decade later, when the famous couple welcomed their daughter Chanel Nicole, who will be 5 at the end of November 2020. Nicole Natalie Marrow, better known as Coco Austin, has been married to American rapper Ice-T since the early 2000s.

Back in September of 2019, Austin shared a picture of herself nursing her child. This led to more attention being paid to Chanel Nicole and her mother from the general public, as well as criticism. When this happened, Chanel was just 3 years old. The following is what Austin wrote in the heated post that was made on Instagram:

“the sound of one’s own mother beckoning” She provided the captions for the photographs. One of them said, “I feel myself to be incredibly blessed to have this fantastic experience in the profession of nursing.”

“I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding Chanel during the first week after her was born. When I was on the verge of giving up, my loved ones pushed me to hold out for one more week. They told me, “I don’t want you to lose this wonderful time you have with your kid. She carried on in September of this year.” I don’t want you to lose this beautiful moment you have with your child. Since that moment, Austin has been the target of more criticism. In March of 2020, she uploaded another picture of herself breastfeeding Chanel, who was about five years old at the time.

Austin made these statements in a more recent interview on July 31.

“Chanel is still a fan of my breasts,” I boasted. It is a significant opportunity for a mother and her kid to connect with one another. Why would you want to keep it from her? If she does not want to continue with it, you are free to terminate it there. However, I won’t be so cavalier as to ignore your request.”

The statement, in conjunction with her choice of how to parent, has caused a commotion on the internet.

“It is completely unnecessary to continue breastfeeding a kid for such a lengthy period of time. It is necessary to explain why she continues talking since there is a purpose behind it. In reaction to the news article that was published on apost.com about this incident, Hayley Marie Elisabeth said, “It is inappropriate and incredibly weird that they would share this with the world.”

Laura Benedetto agreed with Elisabeth’s allegations that her family did not have enough privacy protections in place.

“I don’t see why someone would ever consider publishing images of themselves breastfeeding their children. Someone will ultimately publish those images of her nursing when she was 5 years old when she is in her school years. This is inevitable given the nature of children. Benedetto made the following observation, “Nursing is wonderful; the world does not need to know all of your intricacies.”

Ice-T, the couple’s spouse, defended her on Twitter when she was mentioned. He remarked that

“Urgent Announcement! Chanel receives her nourishment from us. She does it merely because she finds it enjoyable to do so on occasion… Me Too!!!”

Austin has been subjected to a great deal of criticism over her choice to continue nursing, but she has also received a great deal of support and encouragement in her endeavor.

“Typically, when I think about this topic, I find myself laughing. The sexualization of women’s bodies in today’s culture has made nursing an unacceptable practice. I can’t help but wonder what the natural limit was back “in the day.” In response to the piece that was published on apost.com, Kathleen Mary O’Carroll sent a letter expressing her support for Austin.

Latreasha Hobbs agreed with Austin and brought up the point that it is entirely up to the mother to decide whether or not she would nurse her kid for a certain period of time.

“The observations! Her company comes first, not the rest of the world. It is also relevant to the role of a parent. It seems that some nursing moms do it for a longer period of time than others,” she added. “Nursing a kid who is older than two years old is not something that I would do myself, but a child may need nursing on occasion if it would help them emotionally. Each and every family and child is one of a kind. It is unfortunate that nursing has developed a reputation for being synonymous with sexual behavior.

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