Have you ever heard about Rosa Linn from Armenia. She performed during 2022 ESC with the song “Snap”.

Ed Sheeran has revealed the dates of his 2023 North American tour and with it one very big surprise.

The singer Rosa Linn, who represented Armenia at Eurovision 2022, will open the concerts of Ed Sheeran with the artist’s best known song “Shape of You.” The performances will take place in Toronto, Landover, Foxborough, Pittsburgh, and Detroit.

It has been decided that Khalid will perform as a regular guest on “The Mathematic Tour.” In addition to other well-known musicians such as Dylan, Cat Burns, and Maisie Peters, Rosa Linn will be included in rotation.

In order to make the happy announcement, Rosa Linn uploaded a video to her Instagram account and captioned it with the following: “Whaaaaat? From doing covers of your songs to opening your tour!!! I am so honored to be a part of this. Thank you Ed Sheeran.”

Since Rosa Linn let Europe inside her paper home on the Eurovision stage, incredible opportunities and experiences have been presented to her. Despite the fact that she only placed 20th in the final, her song “Snap” became very popular.

“Snap” was able to enter the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. It has been there for the last five weeks. After the song was such a great hit, Rosa Linn decided to negotiate a recording contract with Columbia Records.

And now, in order to keep a good thing going, she has released an Italian version of the song, which she sang with an Italian artist Alfa. It just so happens that Rosa Linn considers him to be one of her favorite Italian artists.

Have you ever heart “Snap”? If not please find it below, if yes listen it one more time…

And you can find an Italian version as well…

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