Everyone knew they were in for a treat when dance partners Autumn Jones and Brennar Goree hit the stage at the 35th annual National SHAG Dance Championships (NSDC). They’ve been dancing together ever since they were kids, and they’ve piled up quite an impressive resume throughout the course of their dance careers. In the end, it was a dance that ended up being a major factor in helping them win the title of Overall Champions of the competition.

Prepare to be blown away by Autumn and Brennar as they set the dance floor ablaze with their exceptional talents, which left the spectators as well as the judges quite astonished. You are going to quickly understand why they were awarded the prize!

According to the information provided on its website, the National Shag Dance Championship (NSDC) has been held in Myrtle Beach continuously since 1984, making it “the oldest continually operating shag dance tournament in the United States.”

Both Autumn and Brennar are very talented dancers, in addition to having successful careers in other fields. While Autumn is a licensed cosmetologist and works behind the bar, Brenner is a contractor for the United States Army National Guard working for the Department of Defense.

Their dance is set to Jerry Lee Lewis’ rendition of the popular song “Drinking Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee,” which may be seen below in the accompanying video. It’s a fast-moving track that goes perfectly with the duo’s lightning-fast feet, and it’s a great combination!

As Autumn and Brennar demonstrate their skills as Shag dancers, everyone’s attention is focused on them.
Not only do their legs seem like they are made of jelly, but as they spin around it appears as if they are floating in the air. The dance skills of the duo are so fluid that it is rather hypnotic to watch them do them. On YouTube, one lady wrote the following comment:

“I swore to you, I could watch them all day. Wow.”

It’s probable because Autumn and Brennar have spent a significant amount of time dancing together in the past that they have such great chemistry when they are together on the dance floor.

According to the website for Sea Sun And Swing, they originally got acquainted when they were only eight years old and began Carolina Shag dancing together when they were thirteen. They are not only great dancers in the style of Shag, but they are also champion dancers in the style of West Coast Swing.

Both Autumn and Brennar take pleasure in exploring new places and teaching others about the Carolina Shag dance style. Even Autumn’s son, Connor Sanders, was trained by Autumn how to dance in this particular way.

When you see them in action, it is obvious to see that they have devoted a great deal of their time, effort, and passion to the art that they practice.

Another person who commented wrote:

“These two are just fantastic, and they deserved to win. I adore it all the way from New Zealand.”

In the 1940s, South Carolina beaches were the birthplace of the Shag dance, which quickly gained popularity among younger people. In modern times, many people continue to study the technique and then compete with their newly acquired abilities.

Autumn and Brennar, who are used to wowing the judges with their performances, pull out some very impressive movements. At one point, Autumn raises one of her legs in the air and, with the assistance of her partner, does a series of twirls. However, this is not the only maneuver that leads the crowd to roar and applaud.

The NSDC is an event that has won awards in and of itself and has produced a large number of winners throughout the course of its history.

On their website, they detail the ways in which previous winners have been able to showcase their talents on television programs like CBS This Morning and Good Morning America. In addition, they have performed at a variety of events, such as the Beach Music Awards, NBA games, and the PGA Annual Banquets.

During the course of the tournament, Autumn Jones and Brennar Goree earned the top spot in the Professional Division category, making them the winners of the competition overall. You may judge for yourself how incredibly gifted they are by watching the video that has been provided below.
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