Florence Pugh is establishing herself as a fashion icon step by step but in no uncertain terms. As is the case with any burgeoning talent, there were an initial few failures in addition to an initial few daring gambles made during the Black Widow period (TBT the pink tips). However, ever since the clock struck 12:01 a.m. on January 1, 2022, Miss Flo has only ever released hit after hit.

She rocked Barbiecore pink in August, sparkly goth on the red carpet at Venice in September, and yes, we are just as captivated with the much-discussed purple moment as you were. Just the week before, she walked out wearing a see-through maxi skirt and a cropped shirt with a collar, which had us downright parched. In addition, she made an appearance on Friday, October 7, wearing yet another stunning ensemble: a coral gown with quirky bird elements.

The dress had a transparent skirt that glided gracefully behind her, and Rebecca Corbin-Murray, the stylist, kept the accessories sophisticated by using diamonds in the bracelet, ring, and earrings that she wore with it. Miss Flo completed her appearance by sporting her signature septum piercing and the wet-look hairstyle that has been more popular among her fan base in recent months.

This hue is very spring, which is why wearing it to the UK premiere of her new movie The Wonder is precisely the type of fresh, surprising move we love to see. It’s not a stunning dress, but it is unusual at this time of year. First and foremost, she has a gorgeous appearance.

We can see your freshly brushed eyebrows! Her lips are an additional complement to the clothing. Simple and pleasant.

She did not have the handbag with her on the red carpet, but it was a little wristlet designed like a birdcage and had a pink bird inside of it. This purse was meant to be a homage to the slightly avian vibe of the dress.

Oh my God, save me from myself, is she having…fun? With an eye for style? Florence Pugh, whatever vitamins you’ve been taking, you should definitely continue doing so. You exude a healthy radiance.

By Anna

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