On October 4, the actress Susan Sarandon celebrated her 76th birthday, and she couldn’t be happier about reaching this important milestone in her life. She is delighted about becoming older, in contrast to many actresses her age, and she believes that there is something to be said about not giving up on life and being invisible.

Despite all she has accomplished in her life, the thing for which Sarandon is most thankful is her family. The actress who played “The Stepmom” is a mother of three and also has three gorgeous grandchildren of her own. She is really close with her family, all of whom were happy for her on this momentous occasion.

Jack Henry Robbins, her son, paid an impassioned farewell to Sarandon online and referred to her as Queen Bee in his article. In the message, he expressed his gratitude to his mother for being his mother and underlined how courageous, dedicated, and compassionate she was.

Her daughter Eva Amurri uploaded a number of images of her mother Susan Sarandon on her Instagram stories. One of the photos had Sarandon wearing a crown on her head, while the other saw Sarandon cradling a young Eva with the remark, “Love you, mum.”

It would be impossible for Sarandon to be more proud of her family, but she has had to be resilient for them to get to where they are now. People thought she was insane when she became pregnant with her first kid at the age of 38, and the only way she made it through the experience was by shutting out the naysayers.

It had been years since Sarandon had ended her marriage to Chris Sarandon, which had lasted for a total of 12 years. Sarandon describes how, during the filming of “The Hunger,” she ended herself in the hospital. The tragic news that she would never be able to have children unless she had surgery to remove her endometriosis was delivered by the medical professionals who diagnosed her with endometriosis.

She had no one in her life with whom she wanted to have children, so she stopped using birth control and went without it for several years. Then, though, she traveled to Italy to work on a film about Mussolini with Anthony Hopkins, and while she was there, she began to meet this brilliant Italian director named Franco Amurri. After going out for a bit, she says:

“I was 38… I was shocked to learn that I was pregnant. Everyone I’ve spoken to has told me, “You are nuts. You know your work is doing so great, and you can’t have a kid now.'”

She had just a cursory familiarity with Amurri, yet she made the decision to raise the child as her own. She decided to tell Amurri that she was going to have the kid regardless of whether or not he desired to be a part of their lives, so she said, “I’ve decided that I’m going to have this baby.”

Everything she knew was that life had presented her with the opportunity to become a mother, and she was going to seize that opportunity with all she had. In 1985, the couple brought their daughter Eva into the world, but they were never able to consummate their relationship and marry one other. According to her, all else is ancient history:

“I never had any regrets.”

On the set of “Bull Durham” in 1988, the actress from “Arbitrage” was introduced to the actor Tim Robbins, and the two of them got along famously right away. They became parents for the first time in 1989, to a boy whom they named Jack, and then again in 1992, to a son whom they named Miles. The couple did everything together, including raising their mixed family, until 2009, when they finally decided to part ways.

The children of the actress are now all adults, and they look up to their mother since she has had such a positive influence on their lives. In addition, she has a very close relationship with Eva, her daughter.

Sarandon, despite having a booming career on the big screen, has always placed a priority on family, and she was overjoyed when she became a grandparent for the very first time.

Eva, who was married to the soccer player and NBC sportscaster Kyle Martino, was due to give birth sometime around the 20th of August in 2014; however, she went into labor on the 9th of August, 11 days earlier than scheduled.

She did not hesitate to contact her mother, who promptly canceled all of her plans, including her attendance at the Burning Man event in Nevada, in order to be at her daughter’s side.

After another two years, in 2004, Eva gave birth to her second child, a boy named Major, making Sarandon a grandmother for the second time. Eva brags that her mother taught her all she needs to know about parenthood, and she continues by saying:

“I think just being a working mom and showing me that you can be whatever you want to be without apologizing and being an example for that was very beneficial.” “I think just being a working mom and showing me that you can be everything you want to be without apologizing”

After her daughter’s divorce, the actress was there for her daughter in every way. While Eva was pregnant, it seemed like things were going well in her marriage to Martino until they announced that they were divorcing after eight years of being together. Although Sarandon was aware that her daughter’s marriage was having problems, she remained supportive of her daughter throughout the ordeal.

When they made the news, it was even more unexpected to find out that Eva was already three months pregnant with her third child. The couple said that, despite the spitting, they would continue to get along and that they would bring up their three children as close friends and profound partners. In the post she made on Instagram, she wrote:

“After a lot of deliberate deliberation and work on our relationship, we have come to the tough decision to amicably part ways as a couple,” she said. “We wish each other well in our future endeavors.”

To her great good fortune, Eva was able to count on the support of the one person who stood by her side throughout her whole life: her mother. An anonymous source revealed to Closer Weekly that Sarandon has unwavering support for her daughter.

Today, the actress known for her role in “Three Generations” takes her responsibilities as a grandmother very seriously and dotes on her three gorgeous grandkids, whose names are Marlowe, Major, and Mateo.

In the same way that she educated her own children in all that they know, she is now instructing her three adorably little grandchildren in the same things. She gushed over them, saying things like:

“They are doing quite well. Marlowe is really hilarious; she is a ferocious little clown who is also quite intelligent. And Major is really beginning to reveal his character. They are beyond compare. They are fantastic.”

Even while Sarandon acknowledges that being a grandmother is simpler than being a mother, she enjoys nothing more than spending time with her grandchildren, who call her “Honey” rather than “Grandma.”

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